Student Testimonials

a photo of student Isis Loyola

Isis Loyola

Major: Music Industry 
Study Away Program or internship program: 
Intern Group London, Winter Intersession 2017
Expected Graduation Date:
 December 2017

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to Intern Abroad in London as a Production Assistant for FUBAR Radio. Not only was I able to build my resume, but I also explored London in a way that a short vacation would not allow me to do. I spent Christmas in London and New Year’s Eve in Scotland, and built friendships and connections with people from South Africa, Australia, and Canada.  I was also able to network within the company I interned for. Once I came back, doors flew open for me within my field and I am currently on my third internship. Once I graduate, I am planning on living abroad and pursuing a career in Australia, or possibly returning to London. Interning abroad became the way I found myself, reminded myself of my passion for what I do, and taught me that this world is so much bigger than I thought. I now know that “home” is not just the U.S., it’s anywhere in this wonderful world we live on.

a photo of student Randi Trinidad

Randi Trinidad

Major: Criminal Justice – Investigative Services & General Psychology 
Study Away Program or internship program:
Prato Campus in Italy, Fall 2016 
Expected Graduation Date:
 December 2017

My study abroad experience was unlike any other because not only did I get to study in a beautiful country, but I got to experience that as a Resident Assistant. It made my experience all the more worthwhile having students relying on me for information and looking to me to answer their questions. Even though I studied abroad in Prato, Italy, I made friends from Germany, Australia, and London, all from conversation exchange programs.  I challenged myself to engage with my peers throughout my trips of traveling within Italy. I expanded my connections as well as came back more confident and independent than I was before. It was an experience unlike any other that not only benefitted my resume and career but shaped me into the person that I am today. 

a photo of student Dana Saperstein

Dana Saperstein

Major: Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensic Psychology 
Study Away Program or internship program:
Prato Campus in Italy, Spring 2017 
Expected Graduation Date:
 May 2019

Studying abroad was the best decision I ever made. I have now experienced places that I once thought were impossible dreams as a child. My mind has been expanded to have a unique understanding of myself and the rest of the world, and I maintained one of my highest GPAs while I also expanded my education. I have made life-long friends with a special bond like no other; traveling the world together creates a new understanding of both yourself and others, and we have a special connection over the places we’ve been and the things we’ve seen that is individual and unbreakable. I plan to revisit many of the places I traveled while abroad at a later time in my life.

photo of Ali McCarthy 

Ali McCarthy

Major: Communications 
Study Away Program or internship program:
Prato Spring 2017 
Expected Graduation Date: 
December 2018

One of the hardest things you can do as a student who has studied abroad is to explain to other people exactly what that experience was like, and do it any justice. It hard to put into words the magic of Florence, the beauty of Prato's river, and the feeling you get when you walk into Café Centro and have the owner know your coffee order by the second week. The unexpected sensation of home you experience after returning to your dorm room after a wonderful, yet exhausting, weekend of traveling to places you'd previously only ever seen in pictures is unsettling, but in the best of ways. I never imagined that I would actually look forward to class, but learned so much about the country I was living in, which made my time there so much more valuable and rewarding. I cannot recommend studying abroad enough; I have memories, friends, lessons, and experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and I am forever grateful for that.

photo of student Giselle Lemus

Giselle Lemus

Major: Global Studies
Study Away Program or internship program:
CIS Abroad for Ghana, Spring 2017
Expected Graduation Date: 
May 2018

Why Ghana? I had traveled to a country in Africa before and wanted to see more of what the continent had to offer. I became a student at the University of Cape Coast in the city of Cape Coast. Throughout my semester, I was able to take classes like Women in Cross-Cultural Perspectives, African Economies and Development, Pan-Africanism and Nationalism, Regionalism and Integration in Africa and Modern Latin America from 1825. These courses offered me the opportunity to learn more about the history, customs, and influential people that have not only had a significant impact within the African Diaspora but on our global civilization as well.  Outside of classes, I traveled the various regions of Ghana and was able to visit Mole National Park (I got the chance to roam the Savannah and see elephants in their natural habitat), celebrate Ghana's 60 years of independence in the capital of Accra, walk amongst the trees at Kakum National Rainforest and so much more! My experience was nothing short of magical!