Cost of Studying Abroad & Financial Aid

The cost of each program varies depending on location and program type. With these, each individual program established a program price. The prices can vary based on program location, housing types and other factors. Students will be billed the actual program price plus a $500 administrative fee instead of the University of New Haven tuition and fees for that semester.

  • For the Tuscany Campus, students are billed standard tuition and fees as a residential student.
  • Students participating in exchange programs are billed standard tuition and fees, however housing costs may vary.
  • Programs through our network of study abroad providers operate under a much different cost structure.
  • Short-term faculty led programs are outside of the normal semester. In these programs students will be billed a package price which generally includes tuition, airfare, accommodation and meals for the duration of the program. Each program page has specific cost information.

On all semester programs, students have access to their federal financial aid, with the exception of work-study. For the Tuscany Campus and exchange programs, students will maintain access to their institutional aid such as scholarships and grants. If you receive certain benefits such as tuition remission and tuition exchange, please consult with the Financial Aid office regarding their availability those types of aid during a semester abroad. For programs through our network of providers, students do not have access to their institutional aid for that semester. Students may be eligible to access aid to help cover the cost of short-term programs. Students should contact the financial aid office to discuss their options in more detail. 

Students can also apply for external study abroad scholarships, click here for a listing of the most popular study abroad scholarships available to our students.

Financial Aid

For more information contact the  Financial Aid office.