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There are thousands of students, faculty, staff, and alumni who contribute to making the University of New Haven great. Our goal is to bring you 100 of those stories by 2020 – to celebrate our Centennial and the culmination of the Charger Challenge.

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100 Stories for 100 Years

Alumni Spotlight

Carl Babb ’76

I would not have been able to receive a degree and achieve what I have without the help and support of alumni.

Faculty Spotlight

Vesna Markovic

It’s important to me to support the University of New Haven and to provide the opportunity for students to receive a great education.

Alumni Spotlight

Matt Scripter '14

I was lucky enough to accept my first job right out of college as a result of an internship that I was recommended for by one of my professors.

Alumni Spotlight

Nyle Davey '76 M.A.

I consider it a privilege to have had the University of New Haven experience.

Alumni Spotlight

Alice Gao '94

The University of New Haven was a big part of my life journey.

Faculty Spotlight

LaTonya Watson

LaTonya Watson is approaching her third season as the head women’s basketball coach at the University of New Haven.

Faculty Spotlight

Maria-Isabel Carnasciali

When I attended the 2016 Scholarship Ball, I was very moved by the generosity of the guests as they made gifts to support the Charger Challenge, so I made a gift myself!

Faculty Spotlight

Charles (Pete) Peterson

After a long career in business, I’ve learned a great deal that I can pass on to my students to help them understand the real world of business that they’ll soon enter.

Alumni Spotlight

Lisa Scranton

I believe that our students and faculty and staff should have the best experience possible at the University.

Alumni Spotlight

Stuart May

The University of New Haven provided me the opportunity as a young EMBA student to further my professional development.

Alumni Spotlight

Wilkingson Germain

I chose to make a contribution to the University of New Haven because I believe in the University, its mission, its staff and in its ability to provide a world-class education to students.

Alumni Spotlight

Charles Fleischman

As president of the Henry Nias Foundation, which awards scholarships to University of New Haven students who are residents of New York City, the metrics I get at the University of New Haven is that, when I see these kids, I get to see they are going to make an impact.

Past Parent, Staff Spotlight

Linda Copney-Okeke

The University of New Haven appeals to me because of the caring, dedicated staff, who go out of their way to provide services and support for students to ensure that each student has every opportunity for success.

Lyme College Board Member Spotlight

Patricia Spratt

I really felt I could have an impact at Lyme College.

Alumni Spotlight

Dave Galla

I think, as time passes, your memory of your time in a certain place becomes more fond, and this has given me an opportunity to go back to the University and give back just a little of what it gave me.

Board Member Spotlight

Kevin Myatt

I want this, the Honorable Gordon J. Myatt Sr. Endowed Scholarship, to be an opportunity for African-American students to make a significant contribution in life.

Faculty Spotlight

Abe Baggili

I encourage my students to want to be the best. Many of them grasp that concept and they become super successful.

Alumni Spotlight

W. McMaster `Mac` Clarke

Marge and I value education, so when we prepared our estate plans, we decided to include gifts to the University of New Haven as well as the other universities we attended.

Alumni Spotlight

Ron Urquhart

My business degrees from the University of New Haven changed my life!

Alumni Spotlight

Michael J. Quiello

I’ve learned in life that it is very important to ‘pay it forward,’ whether it is a word of encouragement or donating to an institution like the University of New Haven.

Alumni Spotlight

Cinthya Grajeda-Mendez

When I finished my eight-year hitch in the Army, I decided to find a school close to home in New England.

Alumni Spotlight

Robin Willick

I chose the University of New Haven because I was so impressed with all the programs they had here.

Alumni Spotlight

James & Leona Clerkin

Going to the University of New Haven and getting my master’s opened me up to a whole new career and profession,” says James Clerkin ’99 M.S.

Alumni Spotlight

Jonathan Spiegel

I chose the University of New Haven because I thought it gave me the best chance of becoming a mechanical engineer, mainly through all the support it provides to its students.

Alumni Spotlight

Jenna Williamson

I chose the University of New Haven originally because of the criminal justice program. I’d heard nothing but great things about it, from people in law enforcement.

Alumni Spotlight

Karl Kulisch

At the University of New Haven, I discovered so many professors who helped me in my journey.

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