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A Decade of Achievement and Growth

Strategic Growth
Thumbnail of New Haven Living profile on President Steven Kaplan

When President Steven Kaplan first visited the UNH campus about 10 years ago, he concedes there was work to do. But he saw enormous potential.

Since he took office a decade ago, he has capitalized on that vision.

Pem McNerney penned a profile about University of New Haven president Steven Kaplan for the July issue of New Haven Living

The feature touches on the transformation UNH has undergone since Kaplan took office in July 2004, including a dramatic increase in enrollment, significant investment in campus infrastructure and the development of strategic initiatives and partnerships across the globe.

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal said the University under Kaplan has been a "huge American education success story... It's a story that shows all of America how vibrant and vital higher education can be if it is supported by the community and alumni," Blumenthal said. "It really is a model for American higher education."

Click here to read the full profile of President Kaplan on the New Haven Living website.

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Celebrating the Transformation


This video celebrates the first 10 years of Steven Kaplan's presidency at the University of New Haven.