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Career Development FAQ for Parents

Q: What type of help does UNH offer to students in their career development?

A: UNH has a full-service, comprehensive Career Development Center that assists students with all aspects of their career development.

We work with students in finding the right major and career path, conduct educational programs to inform students about career types, job market conditions, and the various paths to success; additionally, we prepare students for their  experiential opportunities through one-on-one coaching, resume/cover letter preparation, interviewing practice, and how to locate opportunities. The Career Development Center also holds networking events, on-campus interview/recruiting events, maintains alumni contacts, and helps prepare students for graduate school. The friendly, knowledgeable, and student-focused staff works closely with students to develop an individual career action plan that will lead to life-long career success.

Q: My child is having trouble figuring out what major best fits his/her abilities. Is there a way for him/her to get guidance?

A: Yes. Your student can take FOCUS, a computer-assisted career guidance system that will suggest potential career areas to explore based on interests, abilities, personality, and values. It is always recommended that your student meet with a Career Coach after taking FOCUS to discuss results and compose a plan for follow-up action.

In addition to FOCUS, your son or daughter can schedule a time to meet with a Career Coach to discuss the variety of ways he or she can explore majors at UNH.

Q: What type of connections to local and regional employers does the University have?

A: The Career Development Center partners with local, regional and national companies and organizations in for-profit, not-for-profit and governmental sectors to ensure that we are providing opportunities for students in every major. The main focus of this relationship development is to build the on-campus recruiting program that directly connects employer partners with students for internship and job opportunities. We conduct a number of events designed to provide connections between students and employers including three major annual on-campus career fairs, employer information tables and sessions, on-campus interviewing, networking events, seminars, and professional development workshops, all free of charge

Q: My son/daughter needs help finding an internship. Is there any assistance available?

A: We post internship opportunities to our job posting site on a daily basis, many of which are directly sent to us by our employer partners. We also source opportunities by culling websites of companies where our students could contribute. In addition to posting internships, we frequently send out e-mail blasts that could be of particular interest or where there is a need to act quickly.  About 75% of jobs that exist are never posted, so we use a variety of mediums to teach students how to locate positions in their majors as well as in companies in which they are interested. Students also connect with internships through their academic departments, with support from the Career Development Center.

Q. My son/daughter needs to have a resume written. Are there resources available to assist him/her?

A: The Career Development Center assists with resumes by offering students opportunities to attend a resume-writing workshop, to submit their resume online for review, and to meet with a career coach to learn how to build a great resume from scratch. The Career Development Center staff has experience reviewing resumes in all degree programs, and stays abreast of employer preferences and feedback regarding resumes to ensure our students are successfully conveying their experiences and skills to employers in a format that produces results.

Q: Does the University of New Haven offer assistance with interviewing?  

A: The Career Development Center has several resources that can be used by students to learn and master their interviewing skills. Students meet with a career coach to learn the strategies behind a successful interview and begin practicing those strategies right away. Our staff will review important interviewing questions and conduct a mock interview so students get immediate feedback on their performance. Additionally, we offer an online mock interview system where students record themselves answering questions and submit those videos for review by the Career Development Center staff. Most importantly, through collaborations with several academic programs, students participate in a professional mock interview event where employers and alumni come to campus to conduct mock interviews for students, providing a hands-on simulation with immediate feedback for students to practice this vital career management skill.

Q: Is there any assistance available to my son/daughter who is looking to apply to graduate school?

A:  Yes. The Career Development Center can help your student begin the application process for graduate school by providing information on how to research graduate and professional schools, exam preparation resources, personal statement reviews, and general application tips. The Career Development Center, in collaboration with several departments around campus, hosts an annual Graduate School Week with a series of events, workshops, and information sessions to help students understand the graduate school, application process, write their personal statements, become acquainted with admissions requirements and exams, and learn how to finance graduate school. The Career Development Center also collaborates with faculty advisors for pre-law and pre-med for specific student needs in applying to related professional programs. The University of New Haven also has faculty advisors who provide guidance on specific professional school disciplines.