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Academic FAQ for Parents

Q: Can I/Should I contact my son/daughter's professors to see how my son/daughter is doing in his/her classes? Who should I contact if I am concerned that my son/daughter is struggling academically?

A:  Students should contact their professors if they are struggling academically and we encourage parent/student communication on academic matters. Parents are encouraged not to contact faculty directly. A parent may contact the Academic Success Center regarding their concerns. The Academic Success Center can work with the student and will communicate with a parent if an Academic Records Release form has been signed by the student.

Q: My student is not doing well in a class, what should they do?    

A:  Students should always meet with the professor first regarding concerns about a class.  Once the student and faculty have outlined a plan for success, the student should take advantage of the many academic resources on campus, such as the Academic Success Center and the Center for Learning Resources, to execute the plan.

Q: What if the student has a problem with the professor, who do they go to?   

A: The student should discuss the problem with the professor and try to work toward a mutually accepted resolution. If the problem continues, the student should report the problem to the Chair of the Department where the course resides, then the Dean of the College and finally the Provost’s Office if the issue still has not been resolved.

The staff of our Center for Student Success may also be able to assist in the process and provide advice about how to proceed.

Q: What are credit hours? 

A: A credit represents one hour of class per week for one term.  A class worth three credits meets three hours per week for the term.

Q: Where can students get a copy of their transcript?  

A:  Written requests from the student are required for transcripts to be issued. Each request must include the student name (and previous name(s), if applicable), student identification number, dates of attendance, and signature of the student plus the full street address, city, state, and zip code along with the name of the institution or third party to which the transcript will be sent. There is no fee for a transcript, but the student's financial account in the Bursar's Office must be in good standing before a transcript will be issued. Signed requests may be mailed to the Bursar's Office, presented in person, or faxed to 203-931-6086.

Please note:  Upon graduation, students will automatically receive one complimentary, official transcript which will be stamped "Official Transcript Issued to Student."  Upon receipt of any Transcript Request Form, the university will issue only unofficial copies to students.  Official transcripts will only be issued from the university directly to third parties on behalf of the student.

University of New Haven students may download a Transcript Request Form and submit it to the Registrar's Office for processing. Detailed information is available on the form.

If you are a non-UNH student who completed courses through Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA), please do not use the link above to request a transcript as it will delay processing.  You must contact CEA directly to request a transcript.  CEA's transcript request form can be found on their website at

Q: What is the function of the Registrar’s Office? 

A:  The Office of the University Registrar maintains the academic records of all undergraduate and graduate students. The staff is responsible for assisting with course registration, enrollment certification, academic transcripts, and graduation and veteran benefits. The staff is also available to assist students with the procedures for releasing information from their academic record, which may be disclosed only with the student’s written consent, and can answer any questions students may have about the registration process.

Q: Who do I talk with about a charge on my students' bill?

A: Click here to learn how to log on and to ePay and pay your bills

Q: Are there audition requirements for entry into music programs?

A: UNH music programs require no auditions for entry to the programs. All students accepted by UNH are eligible to declare as music majors.

Q: Are there music scholarships?

A: There are no scholarships specifically for music students. But there are a variety of need- and merit-based scholarships for students.

Q: How many credits are needed to be “full-time”? 

Undergraduate Students

Full-time student status is attained by registering for a minimum of 12 charge credits per semester, or equivalent term, on either a matriculated or non-matriculated basis.  Such status is continued to a succeeding term provided a minimum of 12 credits are completed in the current term.  Completion is defined as receipt of a letter grade of A+ through D-, F, S, or U.  Other letter grades do not signify course completion.

Full-time students are eligible for all daytime student activities and benefits and are subject to full-time tuition charges and other relevant fees.  It is assumed that full-time students will select the great majority, if not all, of their courses from daytime course schedules, unless needed courses are unavailable during the day.

Students who register for 1 through 11 charge credits during a semester or equivalent term maintain part-time status.  

Q: My student took 12 credit hours in the first two semesters so why are they not a sophomore?  

A:  A minimum of 27 credits is required for sophomore status.

Q: What are the potential effects of dropping a course?  

A:  Students who drop a course may not be full time, billing or financial aid may change,  and the credits dropped will not be earned which may impact the student’s ability to meet satisfactory academic progress requirements.

Undergraduate Students A student who wishes to add or drop a course must refer to the deadline dates as published in the undergraduate academic calendar.  All add/drops are done online during the add/drop deadline period and should be done in consultation with the student’s academic advisor.

Online add/drops in Banner self-service must be completed prior to the published deadline in the academic calendar.  After the last day to drop a course, student names remain on class rosters and on transcripts, even if a student decides to stop attending a class.  In this case, the student should request a final grade of "W" (withdrawal) from the instructor of the course.  Because full-time students are assessed full-time tuition based upon a credit range, dropping a course does not qualify full-time students for cancellation of tuition or fees.  Because part-time students are assessed tuition on a per-credit hour basis, the tuition refund policy is applied when a course is dropped.

Q: When does the semester start? 

A: See the academic calendar

Q: What is an Academic Advisor?   

A:  Academic Advisors are faculty members who are assigned to individual students to assist with selecting courses, refining major/minor choices, and to provide guidance to students on issues related to their academic progress at the University.