Yasanthi Kottegoda, Ph.D.

Yasanthi Kottegoda, Ph.D. Image
Assistant Professor
Mathematics and Physics
College of Arts & Sciences
About Yasanthi

I earned my Ph.D. in Mathematics from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2014. I pursue my research in the area of finite fields and applications and mainly focus on linear recurring sequences over finite fields where applications in coding theory and quadratic forms over finite fields are heavily involved. I have been involved in undergraduate Mathematics teaching for nearly 7 years, where I developed a passion towards teaching Mathematics which was one of the main reasons for my attraction towards the University of New Haven. Because of the abstract nature of Mathematics, I believe that teaching Mathematics is an art which is all about making complicated things simple while not making simple things more complicated. My experience at SIUC of working as a primary instructor in many undergraduate math courses such as Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Business Calculus, Finite Mathematics and Trigonometry with the use of online teaching tools helped me to enhance the quality of my teaching.

To find out more about Yasanthi Kottegoda, visit her website at http://math.newhaven.edu/kottegoda/

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