Susanne Murphy, M.A.

Susanne Murphy Image

Communication, Film, and Media Studies
College of Arts & Sciences

Sixth Year degree, Southern Connecticut State University 
M.A., English, Yale University 
Connecticut state certification as Superintendent of Schools (93)
Connecticut state certification as Intermediate Administrator (92)
Connecticut state certification as Elementary teacher (01)

About Susanne

Susanne Murphy has degrees in English and Education from Fordham, Yale, and Southern Connecticut State Universities.    She  is the Director of Student Teaching and teaches Language Arts strategies and Children’s Literature in the graduate program and Introduction to Education at the undergraduate level.   Ms. Murphy has worked in a variety of PK-12 districts as both teacher and administrator and retains a strong research interest in strategies that address issues of equity and social justice.   As a graduate student, she published essays on topics ranging from Spenser’s poetry to the education of the academically talented.  

With a passion for poetry and gardening, Ms. Murphy still aspires to create the definitive murder mystery, somehow incorporating shoes. 

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