Sorin Iliescu, Ed.D.

Sorin Iliescu, Ed.D. Image
Assistant Professor - Chair
Fire Science & Professional Studies
Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science

Ed.D., Johnson & Wales University

M.S., University of New Haven

B.S.M.E., University of Bucharest

About Sorin

Dr. Iliescu was a contributor to the construction and the completion of the Fire Dynamics Lab, the Fire Detection and Control Lab, and the Automatic Fire Suppression Lab. He is also the advisor for the Fire Science Club.

Courses Taught
  • FS 102 Principles of Fire Science
  • FS 201 Essentials of Fire Chemistry and Physics with Laboratory
  • FS 203 Fire and Casuality Insurance
  • FS 205 Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply
  • FS 302 Chemistry of Hazardous Materials
  • FS 311 Fire Protection Fluid and Systems
  • FS 404 Special Hazards and Control
  • FS 425 Fire Protection Plan Review
  • FS 450 Fire Protection Heat Transfer
  • FS 460 Fire Hazards Analysis
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