Nina Flay, Ph.D.

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Senior Lecturer

Biology and Environmental Science Department
College of Arts and Sciences

Postdoc Yale University, School of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine

Ph.D.Cell Biology, Finch University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School

M.S. Biology, Texas Christian University

B.S. Chemistry, College of Mount Saint Vincent

About Nina

If we really have nine lives, I am most likely on my ninth one. My master’s thesis (TCU in Fort Worth, TX) was on ribosomal RNA synthesis in the pachytene spermatocytes of Chinese hamsters.  I then spent a few years in Staten Island at the NYS Institute of Basic Research in Developmental Diseases, working in a neuropathology lab studying Alzheimer’s disease. I moved to Great Lakes, IL where I was fortunate enough to be the director of the light and electron microscope facility at their medical school. Before I knew it, I was studying for my doctoral degree on the side. My dissertation was on the local effects of hGH (human growth hormone) on the endosteum of the long bones and axial skeleton of transgenic mice. As a post-doc at Yale, I slaved in the Gastroenterology Department of the School of Medicine. Our lab was devoted to the study of intracellular trafficking in pancreatic cells, with emphasis on acute pancreatitis. I contributed to this investigation by using confocal microscopy and also by using my beloved transmission electron microscopy. After completing my post-doc I spent time teaching at the Saba University School of Medicine on the tiny Caribbean island of Saba. My handles there were histology, anatomy and physiology. (I guess it is my idea of experiential education.)

Awards and Honors

Faculty Advisor for Alpha Lambda Delta

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Published Books and Articles

Flay, Nina W. and Gorelick, Fred S. Encyclopedia of Gastroenterology. Ed., Leonard R. Johnson. Elsevier Science, San Diego CA. November 2003: two chapters "Anatomy of the Pancreas" and "Exocrine Pancreas (Structure)".
Chen, T.L., Wang, P. Gwon, S.S., Flay, N.W. Vertel, B.M. Intracellular localization of engineered proteoglycans. Methods Mol. Biol 2001; 171:301-308.

Flay, Nina W., Vertel, B.M., King, D. Erythroid-Specific Expression of Human Growth Hormone in Marrow Stimulates Local Osteoblast Activity. ASBMR (abstract submitted), Phoenix, Arizona, 2001.

Wang, Bao-Le, Flay, Nina W., Hacker, G.W. Chapter 15: Immunogold-Silver Staining for Scanning Electron Microscopy in Cancer Research. Gold and Silver Staining: Techniques in Molecular Morphology. Gerhard W. Hacker and Jiang Gu (ed.), Eaton Publishing, Natick, MA, Feb., 2001.

Beales, M., Flay, N., McKinney, R., Habara, Y., Ohshima, Y., Tani, T., Potashkin, J. Mutations in the large subunit of U2AF disrupt pre-mRNA splicing, cell cycle progression and nuclear structure. Yeast: 16(11), 1001-1013, August 2000.

Flay, N.W., Vertel, B.M., Schneider, G.B., King, D. Transgenic Mice Expressing Human Growth Hormone in Erythroid Cells Have Enhanced Bone Deposition. International Conference on Biology and Pathology of the Extracellular Matrix (abstract), St. Louis, MO, October, 2000 and ASBMR 22nd Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada, September, 2000.

Chen, Tung-Ling L., Wang, Peiyin Y., Luo, Wei, Gwon, Seung S., Flay, Nina W., Zheng, Jing, Guo, Chunxia, Tanzer, MarvinL., Vertel, Barbara M. Aggrecan Domains Expected to Traffic through the Exocytic Pathway are Misdirected to the Nucleus. Exp.Cell Res. 263:224-235, 2000.

King, D., Chase, J., Flay, N., Havey`, R.,Patwardhan, A., Saban, J., Schneider, G., Sparks, S.E., Zussman, M. Gene Therapy Strategy to Improve Bone Quality in Osteopenia. (abstract), San Francisco, CA, 1998.

Schneider, G.B., Benis, K.A., Flay, N.W., Ireland, R.A., Popoff, S.N. Effects of Vitamin D Binding Protein-Macrophage Activating Factor (DBP-MAF) Infusion on Bone Resorption in Two Osteopetrotic Mutations. Bone:16 (6), 667-672, June 1995.

Vertel, Barbara M., Walters, Linda M., Flay, Nina W., Kearns, Ann E., Schwartz, Nancy B. Xylosylation is an Endoplasmic Reticulum to Golgi Event. J. Biol. Chem.:268 (15), 11105-11112, 1993.

Montgomery, Rebecca I., Lidholt, Kerstin, Flay, Nina W., Liang, Jonathan, Vertel, Barbara, Lindahl, Ulf, Esko, Jeffrey D. Stable heparin-producing cell lines derived from the Furth murine mastocytoma. PNAS:89, 11327-11331, December 1992.

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