Molly Jacobs, Ph.D.

Molly Jacobs, Ph.D. Image
Visiting Assistant Professor
College of Business
About Molly

I am a Ph.D. economist specializing in demographic and health policy analysis. Through my years of work and education, I garnered nine years of experience in quantitative and statistical analysis. I have worked with various forms of large survey and administrative data sets to clean, analyze and integrate information. I utilized data from areas ranging from veteran disabilities, food stamp receipt and patient activation measures to answer policy questions, evaluate proposals and provide recommendations. Many of these projects involved meeting with client and governmental leads to identify policy-relevant questions, performing appropriate analyses, writing up results, and tailor results to meet project needs. I have enjoyed those aspects of research that involve communicating and collaborating with diverse groups of individuals and leading teams on various projects.

I have written in various reports policy briefs, results summaries, public memos and journal articles. In addition I have acted as a liaison between researchers and practitioners, engaging in regular briefing calls to convey study findings in easily understandable ways, provide assistance on data use, and solicit feedback for the development of future study topics.

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