Michael P. Lawlor, J.D.

Michael Lawlor Headshot Associate Professor

Criminal Justice Department
Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science

J.D., George Washington University

M.A., University of London

B.A., University of Connecticut

About Michael

Mr. Lawlor has served as a member of the Connecticut State Legislature since 1987 and is chair of its Judiciary Committee. He is also a member of the Advisory Commission on Wrongful Convictions.  University of New Haven criminal justice students act as staff for the Commission, working with Professor Lawlor and participating directly in Commission meetings at the Connecticut Supreme Court.

Courses Taught
  • CJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CJ 102 Criminal Law
  • CJ 217 Criminal Procedure
  • CJ 218 Criminal Procedure and Evidence
  • CJ 400 Criminal Justice Problems Seminar: Innocence Commission
  • CJ 450 Special Topics: Criminal Justice Problems Seminar Innocence Commission
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