Marie R. Paulis, RDH, MSDH


MS Dental Hygiene, University of Bridgeport, CT

BS Dental Hygiene, University of Bridgeport, CT

AS Dental Hygiene, University of Bridgeport, CT


My teaching style includes active learning strategies such as peer teaching, brainstorming, and group problem solving. I employ a lot of technology in my teaching to try to keep students engaged and active in the learning process.

My research interests include diabetes and its effects on oral health. Diabetes is an insidious disease and has a detrimental effect on all body systems.  Recent research demonstrates not only does diabetes cause oral health to deteriorate, but that poor oral health makes diabetes worse.  Other areas of research interest include best practices in clinical teaching and incorporating laser into dental hygiene periodontal therapy. 

Selected Publications

  • Paulis, M.R. (2011).  Comparison of dental hygiene clinical instructor and student opinions of professional preparation of clinical instructors.  Journal of Dental Hygiene, Nov. 2011.
  • Paulis, M.R. (2011). What keeps you up at night?  The prevalence of insomnia and treatment with nonbenzodiazepine sedative hypnotics. Access; 2011 Jul.
  • Paulis, M.R. (2009). The influence of patient education by the dental hygienist: acceptance of the fluorescence oral cancer exam. Journal of Dental Hygiene,83(3):134-40.
  • Contributed to: Elliott-Smith, S. Oral cancer devices in the operatory. Access; 2008 Sep-Oct.

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Director of Media Relations

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