Lauren Kempton


BA, English - West Virginia Wesleyan

MAT/6th year, Education - SCSU

Ed.D., Educational Leadership -  University of Hartford


My research has focused on the stories leaders tell to motivate stakeholders to work for diversity, social justice and inclusion.  I worked as an interviewer for Steven Speilberg's Shoah Visual History Project.  I have presented on the Shoah and Darfur at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.  I have authored "Adu, My Grandfather Said: Find a Tree and Look for the Light" about Darfur.  I contributed two chapters of commentary to an anthology entitled "The Call of Memory".  At the University of New Haven, I am involved in the campus climate coalition and workshops about validating all voices.

Faculty Experts - Media Contact

Karen Grava

Director of Media Relations

(203) 932-7246