Joshua Sandman, Ph.D.


B.A.   Political Science,   New York University
M.A.  Political Science,   New York University
Ph.D. Political Science,   New York University 


My main research interest is the American Presidency.  I have written academic journal articles and presented academic conference papers on the presidential role in leadership; White House crisis management; agenda setting and public policy making; and the political use of shared values, media, rhetoric and symbol. Other research interests are Congress, Interest Groups and Political Parties and Elections. My teaching goal is to assist the student in developing critical thinking, analysis and writing skills and to promote an intellectual classroom and campus environment. 

Professional Affiliations

American Political Science Association
Northeastern Political Science Association
Southern Political Science Association
Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors

Campus Service Activities and Awards

University of New Haven Pre-Law Advisor

Pre-Law Society Advisor

Departmental Advisor on Graduate Education

Departmental Representative to SOAR, Open House and Accepted Student Days

Recipient of Excellence in Student Academic Advisement Award


Published articles and presented papers on the American Presidency, political parties, the electoral process,  Presidential office crisis decision making and state and local gobernment.