Gregory J. Blosick, Ph.D.

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Senior Lecturer


College of Business,
Finance,M.S. Finance,
MBA Flexible,
MBA Full-Time

Postdoctoral Bridge Degree in Finance and Accounting, University of Florida, 2012.
Major: Finance and Accounting
Dissertation Title: N/A

MBA, University of New Haven, 2006.
Major: Finance

Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1974.
Major: Organic Chemistry
Dissertation Title: Studies in Nitrenium Ion Chemistry: Cyclizations to a Nondescript Nitrogen Center

BS, Bucknell University, 1969.
Major: Chemistry

About Gregory

I started my career as a chemist with a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Ohio State University, and then became a computer programmer. I then earned an MBA degree from the University of New Haven and a postdoctoral bridge degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Florida. My research interests are in the areas of technical and fundamental modeling of securities trading and analysis as well as pedagogical enhancements of the financial curriculum using technology. Recent publications in the Proceedings of the Northeast Business & Economics Association have summarized my classroom innovations oriented towards improving finance pedagogy.

Published Intellectual Contributions


Blosick, G. J. (10/03/2012). Towards an Improved Finance Pedagogy II: The Finance Bowl—An Excel Based Contest For Teaching Time Value of Money Concepts (2012th ed., vol. 39, pp. 14-17). Proceedings of the Northeast Business and Economics Association.

Blosick, G. J. (December 31, 2011, in press). Towards an Improved Finance Pedagogy: Utilization of Technology and Role Playing in Student Projects (38th ed., pp. 47-53). Proceedings of the Northeast Business and Economics Association.


Heine, H. W., Newton, T. A., Blosick, G. J., Irving, K. C., Meyer, C., Corcoran, G. B. (1973). Aziridines. XXVI Reactions of 1,3-Diazabicyclo.

Presentations Given

Blosick, G. J., Research Forum at the University of New Haven, "Towards an Improved Finance Pedagogy: Utilization of Technology and Role Playing in Student Projects and an Excel Based Contest for Teaching Time Value of Money Concepts," University of New Haven, West Haven, Ct. (October 3, 2012).

Boynton, W., Jordan, S. J., Blosick, G. J., Rainish, R., "Tracking error volatility: test with Fama and French 4-factor model," presented at University of New Haven College of Business Research Forum, New Haven, Connecticut. (2009).

Blosick, G. J. (Presenter), Research Forum at the University of New Haven, "Equity Investment Models: Combining Technical and Fundamental Approaches," University of New Haven, West Haven, Ct. (March 23, 2009).

Professional Positions


University of New Haven. (2013 - Present).

Teach finance at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Serve as the faculty coordinator at the University of New Haven for the SAP University Alliance program. Work on integrating the SAP ERP software into our business curriculum to enhance internship and job opportunities for our students. Work on developing a business intelligence program at the university. Integrate the use of financial software into our finance program. Assist with the development of a master’s degree program in the finance department. Work on the AACSB certification initiative. Advise students. Work on the Business Ready initiative to improve student skill sets for job opportunities.

University of New Haven. (2007 - 2013).

Teach at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as in special programs such as our emerging leaders cohort program. Serve as the faculty point person to support our faculty for our SAP University Alliance initiative to integrate the use of SAP software via workshops into relevant courses in the College of Business. Develop relationships with local businesses using SAP to facilitate a student track into internships and permanent employment. Work on integrating more technology into the financial curriculum. Advise students. Assist in the development of our finance program. Build a research program.

University of New Haven. (2006 - 2007).

Adjunct Professor/Tutor (2006 – 2007), Department of Economics and Finance, University of New Haven, West Haven, CT 06516.

Responsibilities: Teach and tutor economics and finance courses at the undergraduate level. Teach an online economics course at the undergraduate level.


Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of CT. (1994 - 2005).

Programmer Analyst III and IV (1994 -2005), Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of CT, North Haven, CT 06473.

Responsibilities: Worked with underwriters and actuaries on rating and quoting systems written in Visual Basic and Excel VBA. Worked on Y2K programming and remediation projects to make programs Y2K compliant. Involved with all aspects of the project management cycle from client interviews for requirements analysis, to design, coding, testing and implementation for the Blue Shield 65 Provider Demographics application that is used by 110 clients. Developed creative solutions for moving data between different platforms and databases. Worked on the Enrollment and Billing development project. Analyzed systems and coded program modules.

The Travelers Insurance Company. (1987 - 1994).

Programmer Analyst/Senior Information Specialist (1987-1994), The Travelers Insurance Company, Hartford, CT 06105.

Responsibilities: Increased system efficiency and throughput four fold resulting in reduced processing costs by developing a new front end for the Flexible Spending Account system. Commended by field office manager, home office director and several managers for trouble-shooting and resolving major system production problems, which could have lost accounts. Reduced budget pressures by developing creative ways to streamline database unload/load maintenance issues that reduced costs. Adhered to very tight production schedules for processing policyholder data which helped reduce customer complaints and preserved account retention.

Professional Service

Director for Connecticut Chapter, American Association of Individual Investors. (April 2011 - Present).

Help the local organization to manage its affairs which are educational in nature. A key component is dinner seminars where professionals in the investing field present.

Media Contributions


Barron's. Letter to the editor: To the Editor:

I must take exception to the statement attributed to Larry Page of Google (Shake Up the Dow! April 30) where he states that "If you own 10 shares at $ 40, or one share at $ 400, its the same thing! You just need to know how to divide." Try telling that to the covered call writer. Selling a single covered call contract requires owning 100 shares of stock. Thus, to use Page's figures, a stock at $ 400 a share requires an investment of $ 40,000 for one contract while a stock at $ 40 requires a $ 4,000 investment. This is obviously a huge difference and not "the same thing". High priced stocks that refuse to split are thus pricing many call writers out of this attractive means of generating income. (May 19, 2012).

Courses Taught

FINC 2213 Business Finance, 4 courses

FINC 2214 LabFINC 2213, 4 courses

FINC 4429 Corporate Financial Management, 1 course

FINC 4451 Special Topics, 1 course

FINC 451 Financial Analysis With ERP Using SAP, 1 course

FINC 601 Financial Management, 1 course

FINC 6601 Financial Management, 3 courses

FINC 6670 Special Topics, 1 course

FINC 670 Data Analysis: Trading Room Applications, 1 course

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