Emad Manla, Ph.D.

Emad Manla Headshot
Visiting Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

Tagliatela College of Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin

M.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin

B.S. in Electrical Engineering, American University of Sharjah, UAE

About Emad

Dr. Emad Manla joined the Tagliatela College of Engineering at the University of New Haven as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering in Fall 2016. Prior to joining the University of New Haven, Dr. Manla worked as an adjunct Instructor at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM) where he received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. During his time as a graduate student at UWM, he received top teaching evaluation scores for teaching the Electric Machines course and laboratory. He was a recipient of the Chancellor’s award for four years in a row.

Dr. Manla’s research interests include Energy Storage Modeling and its applications in Industry and Electric Vehicles. As a graduate student, he worked on research projects funded by the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and Johnson Controls. His research results have been published in many IEEE Journal and Conference papers. He has served as a reviewer for the ECCE Conference organized by IEEE for the past few years.

Dr. Manla’s teaching style is based on creating an interactive classroom environment allowing students to optimize their learning experience. His teaching philosophy revolves around helping students graduate from university having acquired necessary critical thinking skills, the most knowledge they can retain, and the warmest memories they can recollect.

Dr. Manla speaks three languages and enjoys a variety of activities including charcoal drawing, chess, tennis, swimming, weight lifting, and bowling. He is currently learning to play Acoustic Guitar.


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E. Manla, G. Mandic, and A. Nasiri, “Development of an Electrical model for lithium-ion Ultracapacitors,” IEEE JESTPE, 2015

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S. A. Hamidi, E. Manla, and A. Nasiri, “Li-Ion Batteries and Li-Ion Ultracapacitors: Characteristics, Modeling and their Grid Applications,” IEEE ECCE, 2015

Courses Taught
  • ELEC 2235
  • ELEC 4440/6640
  • ELEC 6672
  • Lab ELEC 6640
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