Elena Damirovna Khasanova

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Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant
Division of Humanities & Social Sciences - Modern Languages
College of Arts & Sciences

MA, MPhil, Saint Petersburg State University, Russian

Dissertation title: "The concepts of LOVE-HOPE-BELIEF in Russian, English and French-speaking mentalities"

Specialist, Omsk State University, Russian and Germanic philology

Thesis title: "The concept of MAGIC in Middle Irtysh region dialects"


What does it mean "to know a language"? To have a collection of grammar rules in one’s mind? To know how to order food or ask for a lift in another country? To be able to read the original version of a novel or a daily newspaper? All of these, but my answer would be - to make your message heard, read, understood and taken into account. This is what I believe and what do in my class, where students learn to be articulate and conscious of their words regardless the level of proficiency. A word is a tremendous power, and it should be used accordingly.

I have taught languages for 6 years, including teaching General English to children at language schools, English for specific and academic purposes at Graduate School of Management of Saint Petersburg State University, and an intensive Russian crash course (Beginner and Advanced level) to the exchange students from all over the world. The students’ learnt to read Cyrillic and communicate on basic topics within one week, which proves that impossible is possible and Russian is not as hard as it seems to be.

I am fond of noisy, playful, always in motion classrooms where students do not just learn but perform the language – and it brings its fruits.

Research Interests

Second Language acquisition

Teaching languages through drama

Russian as a second language

Business communication

Discourse analysis

Genre analysis

Cognitive linguistics

Language and mentality



Дискурс социального предпринимательства как особое междискурсивное образование. Гуманитарные технологии в современном мире. Калининград, 2017 // The discourse of social entrepreneurship as a unique interdiscoursive formation. Humanitarian technologies in modern world. Kaliningrad (Russia), 2017.

Pedagogical materials

Business communication skills: Workbook to Russian Language Crash course, B1-B2 levels. Saint-Petersburg: GSOM SPbU, 2016.

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