Bruce Varga, M.S.


M.S., University of New Haven, 2001
B.S., Southern Connecticut State University, 1976


Mr. Varga has been ranked as one of the Top 13 Arson Investigation Professors by

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Courses Taught

  • FS 204 Fire Investigation I
  • FS 207 Fire Prevention
  • FS 208 Instructor Methodology
  • FS 313 Fire Investigation II
  • FS 325 Fire/Life Safety Codes
  • FS 649 Fire Scene Investigstion and Arson Analysis
  • FS 667 Fire and Building Codes, Standards and Practices
  • FS 669 Dynamics, Evaluation and Prevention of Structural Fires

Faculty Experts - Media Contact

Karen Grava

Director of Media Relations

(203) 932-7246