Al Granberg, M.F.A.

Al Granberg Headshot Art Adjunct

Visual & Performing Arts Department
College of Arts and Sciences

M.F.A., Figurative Art, New York Academy of Art

B.F.A., Painting and Drawing, University of Georgia

About Al

Al Granberg is an instructor in the Department of Art & Design at the University of New Haven where he teaches Illustration, Digital Illustration and Information Design. He has a B.F.A. from the University of Georgia and an M.F.A. from the New York Academy of Art.

Prior to his position at the University, he had been employed as a staff artist and graphics editor at the New York Times. At the Times, he designed and produced illustrations and information graphics on a great variety of subjects, for the newspaper’s print and on-line versions. His work at the Times has won design awards from the Society of Newspaper Design and Print Magazine. His work has been also featured in books like “The Best in Diagrammatic Graphics” and “The Science Times Book of Mammals”.

In 2008, he left the Times to pursue a career as a freelance artist and designer. His work frequently combines traditional media with digital design tools to create compelling and effective illustrations and graphics for his clients. He has designed illustrations and information graphics for clients like President Carter’s foundation, The Carter Center, the online news organization, ProPublica and publications, like The Scientist magazine.

Al Granberg lives and works in Stratford, CT. When he is not teaching or working with clients, he continues to pursue his passion for drawing and painting all subjects, especially the figure. 

Teaching Experience

University of New Haven, Adjunct Instructor, 2010-2016

Professional Work Experience

Self-employed Artist, Graphic Designer, 2008 – Present
Staff Artist and Graphics Editor at The New York Times, 1977 – 2008

Awards and Honors

New York Times Publisher’s Award for infographic, “A Tentative History of the Universe”, 2002
Work featured in “The Science Times Book of Mammals”, by The New York Times, 1999
Certificate of Design Excellence, for Illustrations, ”Changes Beneath the Surface“, Print Magazine, 1997
Award of Excellence, Informational Graphics, Society of Newspaper Design, 1996
Work featured in “The Best in Diagrammatic Graphics” by Nigel Holmes, 1993
Award of Excellence, Informational Graphics, Society of Newspaper Design, 1993
Silver Award, Breaking News - L. A. Riots, Society of Newspaper Design, 1992 
Award of Excellence, Charts, Society of Newspaper Design, 1981

Visiting Artist Lecture

Southern Connecticut State University, 2010

Selected Published Work

Illustration - “Pharmaceuticals in the Environment” - The Scientist
Illustration - “Harvesting and Cultivating Bacteria” - The Scientist
Illustration - “The Life Cycle of Guinea Worm” - The Scientist 
Infographic - “Asthma and Advair” -
Infographic - “The Life Cycle of Trachoma” - The Carter

Infographic - “The Life Cycle of River Blindness” - The Carter

Infographic - “How the Liver Processes Acetaminophen” -
Infographic - “Uranium Mine Threatens Drinking Water” -
Illustrations - “Elbow Docking and Shoulder Repair” - Hospital for Special Surgery
Illustration - “Google Doodle” - The Carter

Infographic - “How a Lawyer Exploited the Fine Print” -
Infographic - “Injection Wells: The Poison Beneath Us” -
Infographic - “The Life Cycle of Malaria”  - The Carter
Illustrations - “Blockstents” - Novita Therapeutics, Inc.
Illustration - “End Stage Renal Disease Ecosystem” - Novita Therapeutics, Inc

Illustrations - “Metactive Delivery Systems” - Novita Therapeutics, Inc.
Illustrations - “Fall 2011 Horizon Magazine” - Hospital for Special Surgery
Illustration -“The World Trade Center Rebuilt” - The New York Times

Illustrations - “Disputed Gene Patent” - InfoGraphics, Inc.
Cartoon - “Welcome to CDO World!” -  
Illustrations - “Discovery to Recovery: Allographs” - Hospital for Special Surgery  
Infographic - “Fixing the Met’s Stage” - The New York Times
Illustrations - Horizon Magazine - Hospital for Special Surgery
Infographic - “Traumatic Brain Injury” -
Infographic - “Kidney Dialysis” -

Infographic - “The Life Cycle of Malaria” - The Carter
Infographic - “The Life Cycle of Guinea Worm” - The Carter  
Infographic - “The Life Cycle of Schistosomiasis” - The Carter
Diagram - “Anatomy of a Gas Well” -
Charts - “The Reckoning” - Henry Holt, Inc.
Infographic - “The Life Cycle of Trachoma” - The Carter
Illustrations - “An Improvement in Knee Surgery” - Hospital for Special Surgery

Infographic - “Hydraulic Fracturing” -
Infographic - “Collecting Rainwater for the Garden” - The New York Times
Illustrations - “Winter 2010 Horizon Magazine” - Hospital for Special Surgery

Infographic - “The 1913 Newsroom” - The New York Times

Infographic - “Close up of a Fruit Fly Sensillum” - Yale Alumni Magazine

Additional Work
  • Designed and illustrated over 30 postage stamps for the countries British Virgin Islands, Maldives, St. Vincent and Uganda.
  • Infographic designed for The Carter Center made into interactive game at the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum.
  • Provided color graphics for clients including, General Electric Corp., Champion International Corp., TV Time magazine, and Family Circle magazine.
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