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Keppel, Robert (full)
Robert Keppel, Ph.D.

As Associate Professor for Criminal Justice, Robert Keppel brings a wealth of experience and national acclaim to the UNH campus. Keppel was the Chief Investigator for the Washington State Attorney General’s office and worked on several high profile cases during his career, including those of Ted Bundy, the charismatic serial killer who held the country in a frightened thrall in the 1970s, and the notorious Green River Killer, who had been responsible for the deaths of at least 50 prostitutes and teenage runaways. Ahead of his time, Keppel devised a computer program that narrowed 3,500 suspects to 25 that eventually led to Bundy. Dr. Keppel’s research interests focus on murder and its investigation.

He has conducted studies on child abduction murders in the U.S., homicide solvability factors, and using computers to help solve violent crimes.

“My whole life is consumed with how to investigate killers and how to catch them,” he said. “Writing and teaching is a way to help others investigate them. I teach the solvability of murder cases, how to study the killers, how successful investigations proceeded and how the killers were caught. I try to make students understand how cases are connected so they can use that to their advantage to catch the killer.”