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Orange Campus Operations

University of New Haven Orange Campus Operations

The purpose of this protocol is to outline the overall current operation and permitted uses of the Orange Campus as well as the available support services.  In addition this protocol addresses the policies and procedures to be followed for the use of the Orange Campus.  This protocol is based on the current state of renovation of the facility as well as zoning and other regulatory requirements related to the renovation plan application.


The Orange Campus located at 584 Milford Derby Road, Orange CT opened for use by the University of New Haven in January 2014.  The facility is currently permitted through local and state authorities for evening graduate school classes and programs (270 students and staff).  Daytime full time occupancy was also permitted on a limited basis (40-60).  

The campus was established as a “satellite campus” of the University of New Haven.  As a “satellite” campus it was designed to draw many of the support services from the main campus including but not limited to:

  • Events Planning and Management
  • Information Systems
  • Facility Services
  • Food Service
  • Safety, Security
  • Transportation
  • Mail Service

It is important to recognize while such services are supported from the main campus, these services are also limited.

While entire Orange Facility is approximately 70,000 square feet of space, it is important to recognize that the use of the facility is limited to the first floor only ( ~45,000 square feet).  The usable area was renovated to support classrooms in the main and north buildings as well as the food service in the south building. 

The main level, while usable is limited to “office use” only. With the exception of the cafeteria and classrooms there are no areas rated for “assembly” meaning events of large groups may only be hosted at this time in these spaces.  Their use is further subjected to the limits established by building code. 

The lower level of the south building is not available for use at this time and has been isolated pending a future renovation. 

Further, while the Orange Campus has been permitted for full build-out occupancy of 440 occupants. Campus use is limited by the amount of available parking.  Currently there are 200 installed parking spaces and parking is restricted from non-designated areas (e.g. along the access road, grass areas, etc.).  For occupancy uses greater than the parking will accommodate, the use of carpooling, buses or shuttles may be employed.

Permitted Uses of Orange Campus (Regulatory Permissions)

Following is a summary of the uses of the campus as permitted through the various jurisdictional agencies including but not limited to state and local building, fire, zoning, health and environmental agencies.

Academic Use – Assignments of classrooms for academic and/or classroom use of the Orange Campus is limited to graduate programs only.  This is due to restrictions by the Town of Orange Zoning regulations which limits the use to “profession schools” defined as follows:

“An accredited school that awards advanced academic degrees (i.e., master's degree, MBA, Ph.D.) with the general requirement that students must have earned a previous undergraduate (bachelor's) degree.”

Meeting & Seminar Use – The campus may also be used for the purpose of hosting certain meetings and conferences as defined below and subject to the facility restrictions established through the UNH Events Management System EMS as well as the limits established for food service, parking, occupancy, etc.:

Conference and training for use by companies, corporations, organizations, and groups for events, executive, management or educational training purposes, or meetings of their officers, directors, shareholders, members and/or employee”

Food Preparation and Service: Due to restrictions of the subsurface sewage system as regulated by the Department of Energy & Environmental protection, food service at the Orange campus is restricted to catered service only.  No cooking of any kind  is permitted on campus.  Food preparation is permitted on a limited basis and restricted to cold or pre-prepared meals.  Heating or warming is permitted via oven, microwave, or heating tray.  No dishwashing is permitted.  All soiled plates, utensils and service trays, plates and equipment are to be removed from the campus for washing or disposal.

Parking:  Parking is limited to designated spaces only and limited to no more than 200 spaces. On street/driveway parking is strictly prohibited.

UNH Permitted Use of Orange Campus

Full Time Assignment/ Request for Space:  Assignment of space at the Orange Campus will be consistent with policies established for space assignment and use in the West Haven Campus.  Space requests will be submitted to the Facilities Planning Committee including purpose, general space requirements, justification, as well as the endorsement of the respective Dean and Officer.  The request will be reviewed and approved through the Facilities Planning Committee who will make a recommendation to the President.   

Academic Use – Assignments of classrooms for the purpose of teaching shall be assigned through the Registrar’s office and EMS.  Classrooms for this purpose are limited to graduate programs only.  Section offering enrollment will be strictly limited to the seating capacity of the classroom.

Priority classroom assignments will be granted to the College of Business.  This will be done through the section submissions provided to the Registrar for the following semester.  Classrooms which are not assigned to the COB by the Registrar through EMS will them be offered to other colleges and/or programs.  These assignments are made by the Registrar.

Meetings & Events - Meetings and events will be scheduled through EMS.  Spaces available are only those specifically offered in EMS.  There are no large assembly venues at Orange at this time with the exception of the cafeteria.  Its use will be limited to only that time when food service is not offered.  In addition the resources for set-ups of events (tables, chairs, food service, etc.) will be limited to those offered in EMS.

Catering – Catering is offered through Sodexo catering services.  There are limited spaces where catering/food may be set-up.  This includes the cafeteria, the executive wing and the southwest corner of the center building outside of room 133.  No food service/catering service other than Sodexo can be used unless specific permission is granted by Sodexo.

Grounds – The use of the campus grounds (e.g. walking trails, ponds, picnic areas, etc.) is NOT PERMITTED at this time.  Additional work and evaluation of this aspect of the campus is required to insure the proper safety and services are in place. This restriction may be revisited upon further evaluation.

This protocol and its related procedures are based on the current state of renovation of the facility and are subject to change as further renovations are implemented.  Changes in this protocol will be vetted and recommended for implementation by the Facilities Planning Committee as further renovation and expansion of the Orange Campus is implemented.

General Services Provided

Hours of Operation:  The Campus is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. till 11:00 p.m. Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. The Campus is closed on Sunday

Those faculty/staff given authorization to access the Orange Campus after normal business hours must notify Campus Police at 203-932-7014 to advise the dispatcher that they will be entering the Orange facility. Access can only be gained with the authorized users UNH ID card which will release the lock on the front door to allow entry and relock upon entry.

When leaving the Orange facility, the faculty/staff member must contact Campus Police at 203-932-7014 and advise the dispatcher that they have exited the building.

Smoking: The Orange Campus is largely a “smoke free” environment.  Smoking is limited only to a defined smoking area located on the upper platform of the ramp to the main entry on the north side of the building.

Safety & Security: There is a comprehensive safety and security program is effect at the Orange Campus which is consistent with the program on our main campus.  

Transportation: Shuttle service is provided to and from the West Haven Campus.  For shuttle operations times, please visit

Parking: All vehicles must have a valid UNH parking sticker to park at the Orange Campus. For information on the parking program, please visit

Facility Services: There is fulltime “on campus” facilities staff to support facilities operations.  Facilities Services are accessed 24/7 via the standard Service Request (Work Order) portal on the University Facilities website. or by phone at (203)932-7140

Facilities Services include

            Operations, Maintenance & Repairs

            Custodial & Grounds

            Office Assignments, Furniture & Moves

            Events Set-ups and Support


Food Service & Catering

 Food service is available at the Orange Campus and is provided through Sodexo.  They can be reached at (203) 479-4854 or by email at