Civil Engineering Design Projects

Truss Design for the Walk Bridge Replacement

Team Members: Daniel Delgado and Domenick Peragine

Faculty Advisor: Byungik Chang, Ph.D., P.E., M.B.A.

Industry Advisor: Christian Brown, P.E., Associate Vice President of HNTB

Industry Partner: HNTB

Goal: To design a new lift span for a movable bridge to replace the existing rim-bearing swing “Walk Bridge”. The bridge carries the Metro-North New Haven Line over the Norwalk River and must open for marine traffic.  The issue is that this 121-year-old bridge has, on several occasions, gotten stuck in the open position, which suspends railroad traffic for hours. The new design will incorporate two independent through truss spans that are 250 feet long, and support Cooper E-80 live loads.

Truss Design for the Walk Bridge Replacement

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University of New Haven Charger Inn & Conference Center

Team Members: Cassandra Champagne, Zoe Laird, Daniel Perrucci, and Antonella Vazquez

Faculty Advisor: Gregory Broderick, Ph.D.

Industry Advisor:  Louis Annino, P.E., Associate Vice President, University of New Haven Facilities

Goal: To design a high-end hotel on campus for university visitors, while also providing: educational tasting rooms for Hospitality courses; experiential opportunities for Hospitality students to manage and operate the hotel; and a conference center large enough to host academic and professional conferences and commencements. The hotel will contribute to the university’s commitment to sustainability by achieving LEED Platinum green building certification.

Charger Inn & Conference Center



Intersection Redesign with Tunnel

Team Members: Andrew Thompson, Ivan Gomez, Mark Guidetti, and Abdullah Aljohani

Faculty Advisor: Byungik Chang, Ph.D., P.E., M.B.A., Gregory Broderick, Ph.D. and Marie Bartels

Industry Advisor: Beth Ann Smith, P.E.

Industry Partner: GHD, Inc.

Goal: To improve the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic at The University of New Haven near the intersections of Ruden Street/Campbell Avenue, and First Avenue/Campbell Avenue.  This will be achieved by including a tunnel to separate students from vehicle traffic and improve the flow of traffic near campus. This design will improve student safety.

Intersection Redesign with Tunnel

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Redevelopment of Charger Plaza

Team Members: Samantha Santos, Quasem Alajjan, and Alyasser Nureldeen

Faculty Advisor: Byungik Chang, Ph.D., P.E., M.B.A., Can B. Aktas, Ph.D., Gregory Broderick, Ph.D., and Agamemnon Koutsospyros, Ph.D.

Industry Partner: Pereira Engineering

Goal: To redevelop the University of New Haven's Charger Plaza by providing a newly constructed building which will house classrooms, a cafe, a wellness center, study spaces, and lounge areas. An improved outdoor space will include a casual recreational area, outdoor lounge spaces, and adequate parking. Site Development Plans will be completed and supported by calculations and design considerations.

 Redevelopment of Charger Plaza


Application of Congestion Charges on Connecticut Highways

Team Members: Faisal Alotaibi and Abdulaziz Bu Khamsen

Faculty Advisor: Marie Bartels

Industry Advisor: Brett Stoeffler

Industry Partner: Connecticut Department of Transportation

Goal: To create improved traffic flow on I-95 and I-84 in Connecticut.  We will achieve this using electronic tolls to reduce the daily highway congestion for commuters. Gantries will be designed and congestion pricing differing during on-peak and off-peak traffic hours will be implemented.

 Application of Congestion Charges on Connecticut Highways

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Redevelopment of South Campus

Team Members: Jonathan Fischetto, Joshua Acaba, Elias Ghazal, and Jongsung Lee

Faculty Advisor: Byungik Chang, Ph.D., P.E., M.B.A. and Jean Nocito-Gobel, Ph.D.

Industry Advisor: Louis Annino – Executive Vice President of Facilities, University of New Haven

Industry Partner: Walsh Construction Company – Pete Schexnayder (Project Manager)

Goal: To design a new state of the art student center with parking garage, located on the southern edge of main campus. This building will also house a walk bridge spanning Ruden Street, that will act as a link between the main and south campuses. South campus will also feature a new green space, making more desirable and inviting.  The team will perform structural, geotechnical, and architectural designs of the main building while considering environmental impacts and sustainability. EJ Construction Co. hopes to provide more efficient and convenient spaces for the students and faculty, alleviate parking problems, and enhance the “Green” image of the University of New Haven campus.

 Redevelopment of South Campus

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