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Community Partnership Award

Academic Service-Learning: Community Partnership Award

From left to right: Ron Harichandran, Dean; Medria Blue-Ellis, ESUMS Principal; Tracey Mayes, Magnet Resource Teacher for ESUMS; Ashlee Junier and Natasha Kuegler, General Chemistry Honors Lab students; Tiffany Hesser, Lecturer.The Community Partner award usually goes just to one organization.  However, due to the strong partnership, in 2013 it was presented to both Ms. Tiffany Hesser from the Tagliatela College of Engineering and to the Engineering Science University Magnet School, also known as ESUMS. 

Tiffany teaches a service-learning course titled General Chemistry Lab for Honors students.  These students apply what they learn in the classroom, develop relationships with the community, and learn what it means to be role models.  Some of these UNH students go to ESUMS on a weekly basis to mentor their middle school students on science fair projects.  The other students help with the tutoring program where ESUMS students come to UNH for two nights a week for tutoring.

This same service-learning class supports a Young Women’s Visit each year with about 20 9th grade female students from ESUMS. The visit fosters young women’s interest in science by giving them positive women role models and providing a lab experience with women students.

Tiffany’s class also meets with 90 6th grade students each year to complete chemistry activities with the students. The UNH students design experiments to demonstrate and share with the 6th graders as part of a campus visit to introduce ESUMS to UNH as part of the partnership between the two schools.

Tiffany and ESUMS have made exemplary efforts to incorporate academic service-learning to produce meaningful and impactful experiences for UNH students.  Tiffany’s excitement for UNH, the students and community is contagious.  Her work is innovative and the results of her dedication and commitment are outstanding.  ESUMS has been a true community partner because they understand the importance of collaboration.  ESUMS (and especially Tracey Mayes, Theresa Chapman, Roger Rushworth, Heather Toothaker, and Principal Medria Blue-Ellis), works tirelessly to ensure that both UNH students and ESUMS students benefit from the relationship.