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Deep Green Autonomous Lawn Mower

Release Date:
11/18/2011 11:04 AM

The ION Robotic Lawnmower competition is an annual competition sponsored by the ION Satellite Division and administered by the Dayton Section of the ION. The purpose of the competition is for universities and colleges to design a robot that will rapidly and accurately mow a field of grass autonomously.

The University of New Haven Robotics Club has constructed a lawnmower for the purpose of autonomously mowing a plot of grass as per the regulations of the ION Robotic Lawnmower Competition. This robot was designed around the competition's various criteria, including safety, durability, accuracy, and speed. This lawnmower was also built with the consideration of efficient, green energy and therefore uses a fuel cell rather than an internal combustion engine or other pollutant-producing energy source. Final report here