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Sustainability Studies Job Outlook

Career and Job Outlook
Students may pursue careers that apply sustainability practices and principles, or manage planning and application of sustainability concepts in consulting, business, industry, government, not-for-profit organizations, or academia. Possible careers and jobs include
  • Corporate or municipal sustainability officer
  • Technical analyst for sustainability practices
  • Technical manager for sustainability projects
  • Sustainable product purchasing agent
  • Sustainable designer
  • Greenhouse gas accounting and management
  • Sustainability program manager or coordinator
  • Sustainability consultant
The Connecticut Economic Digest, published monthly by the Connecticut Department of Labor and the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, states in their August 2009 issue concerning potential green jobs in Connecticut, "Since the demand for labor is derived from the demand for a company's product, and since consumers are altering their purchasing decisions, the "green" movement will influence the labor market. Not only will new jobs be created, but also existing jobs will undergo a transformation in their current operations."
When describing the difficulty in quantifying these jobs, their industries, qualifications, and duties, The Connecticut Economic Digest states "…it is impossible to count the number of "green" jobs because this employment category is not dichotomous, and researchers cannot draw a clear distinction between "green" and "non-green" jobs. What is also clear, however, is that companies and consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, and this will affect the labor market through some job creation, but, to a much greater extent, by changing the nature of existing occupations".
The report goes on to project growth in green jobs in Connecticut using an estimation technique used by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, "As of 2006, there were 2,595 "green" jobs, and this number is projected to increase to 3,017 by 2016, an increase of 16 percent. The industry sector expecting the largest increase in "green" employment is management, scientific, and technical consulting services, with a projected increase of 29 percent." The report later states "These estimates should be viewed as absolute lower bounds on the "green" movement's effect on the labor market."