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Thermo/Fluids Laboratory

Thermo Fluids Laboratory

University of New Haven Thermo Fluids Lab


This facility provides ample opportunities for experimentation and laboratory investigations covering the areas of incompressible fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, and gas dynamics. Laboratory experiments include open channel flow, closed pipe flow, drag and lift, refrigeration and air-conditioning, heat conduction and convection, potential flow, subsonic and supersonic wind tunnels, vapor-compression refrigeration, and viscometry.


The facility is used routinely to satisfy the instructional requirements of course ME 415 Thermo/Fluids Laboratory.  In addition, this lab space is used for senior design project fabrication and testing because of its readily available fluid resources.

Typical Experiments

Overall heat transfer coefficient and effectiveness of a heat exchanger

Loss coefficient in pipe fittings

Flow through an orifice

Film coefficient for flow past a sphere

Flow over a weir

Vapor compression refrigeration cycle

Rankine cycle

Viscosity of a Newtonian fluid

Flow past an airfoil

Conductivity of metals

Potential flow


Refrigeration Unit




Subsonic Wind Tunnel


Rankine Cycle