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What is Computer Engineering?

Computer engineering is concerned with the design and implementation of digital systems such as computers, networks, processor embedded control systems, interfaces between computing systems, and interfaces between hardware and software.

career opportunities

Computers are used in almost every device or system manufactured today. The modern automobile has nearly 50 small embedded computers in it. The telephone communication system and the Internet are controlled with computer systems. Careers for computer engineers are found in all phases of the production and sales of these devices and systems: design, manufacturing, maintenance , marketing and sales. U. S. Corporations will need more than twice the present number of computer engineers by the year 2006. The demand for Computer Engineering graduates is expected to continue to rise over the next 20 years, outpacing the supply by large margins annually.

For more information on the outlook for CEN majors, visit the Computer Engineering Outlook.


Current starting salaries for BS graduates in Computer Engineering are $50-$55K.

what are the features of computer Engineering at UNH?

The University of New Haven offers a four-year program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.


Design and problem solving are central themes of this program. The first two years concentrate on basic science, mathematics, computer science and engineering. The last two years comprise courses in digital, computer and electrical systems; networks and software design. There are four electives in the fourth year that allow a student to explore an area in more depth. The final year provides a senior design course spread over two semesters, where the student designs a device, system or software application. The program also has a general education component in communications, economics and humanities needed to create a well-rounded professional. Total credits - 128 sem. hrs.