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The Wireless Research Team

2013 Wireless Research Group

Pictured Above (left to right) : Gelareh Kokabian, Santoshi Kalyani,  Jóswill Pájaro, Gautam Siwach,  Professor Amir Esmailpour, Naimur Rahman and Tawfiqul Islam

The Wireless Research Group Team

Gelareh Kokabian          

After finishing her High School as a Gifted Student interested in Mathematics and physics, Gelareh decided to study in Electrical Engineering. She received her bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering- telecommunications- from University of Tabriz in Iran. She then joined a company of IT Services as a network designer, and worked her way up to becoming a senior engineer in Satellite Networks designing, and specialized in VSAT networks.

For the past four years Gelareh worked as a team leader in the spectrum planning and engineering department at Communication Regulatory Authority as the head of ICT Standardization Group in Management of Standardization and accreditation of laboratories. She worked on new regulations and new technologies in wireless communications by studying technical specifications such as frequency allocations, spurious emissions, interferences and sharing with other services. Gelareh also had the responsibility of being the chairman of ITU Study Group 1, Iran section for spectrum management. She was also the chairman of 2nd Meeting of Working Group on Spectrum for SOUTH ASIAN TELECOMMUNICATIONS REGULATORS' COUNCIL held by Asia-Pacific Telecommunication (Serilanka 2011).

Besides higher education in academic institutions, Gelareh has also passed several professional training courses such as “Spectrum Management training course” in Seoul in Pusan University, before moving to the USA to return to academia and pursue her higher education at the University of New Haven. During her studies and job experiences, Gelareh was mostly fascinated by “Wireless Communication Systems” and “Next Generation of Communication Networks.”

Her hobbies and Social activities are Painting, Swimming, Iranian and world literature and Traveling.


Santoshi Kalyani

Santoshi Kalyani, born in Chennai, India, graduated in 2012 from Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering with a degree in Computer Science. In fall semester 2013 she started her MS in Computer Science here at UNH. During her undergraduate program, she did a project on Agent coordination in Cluster Based Security Architecture for MANET networks. The main objective of this project was to identify any malicious code within a network and provide a security framework for MANET. This project helped her to enrich her knowledge in Networking and IT security measures.

After the completion of her master’s degree Kalyani is interested in finding a job somewhere in the industry. She worked as a programmer analyst trainee in Cognizant Technology and Solutions, Chennai for 1 year and had training in SQL server and Oracle. She is interested in enriching her knowledge with a good practical exposure in Networking and Data base management. She enjoys learning about the developments and updates in 4G and 5G. Kalyani is really happy to join the UNHwRG and come know several experienced academicians in the ECECS department at UNH, and to get the benefits of their valuable guidance. 


Jóswill Pájaro

Jóswill earned his undergraduate degree in Systems Engineer at Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia. After getting his degree he started to work as a Special Projects Engineer in the IT department of the same university. Motivated by his interest in research he published a paper in a national scientific journal about multimedia content exchange over EGPRS/GSM network. Over the next couple of years he became the Business Support Specialist for one of the biggest cell phone companies of the country. After that, Jóswill decided to move to USA to continue his graduate studies at the University of New Haven in the Master of Computer Science program.

Mr. Pajaro is interested in convergence of services between cellular and computer networks. He is interested in applications exchanging data with no differentiation on the source or destination of information, and only up to the capabilities of the devices. Developing applications is one of his great affairs, so he decided to work in the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) over LTE networks.

Research and studies are not Joswill only interests; in summer he takes any opportunity to attend scuba diving. His favorite sport is soccer, both playing and watching professional leagues on TV, he always chooses it as an option to have fun.


Mohammad Naimur Rahman

Mohammad Naimur Rahman completed his bachelor degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Khulna, Bangladesh. He was accepted as a Captain of Bangladesh Army in Signal Core, Engineering Department but he moved to USA to pursuing his Master’s Degree. He has research interest is in the field of Wireless Communication, Satellite Communication & Computer Networking.

His undergraduate thesis was “An Efficient Weather Forecasting System Using Back Propagation Algorithm of Neural Network” beside this he has done various projects like Design Multiband Antenna for GSM Application, high performance low power transceiver. Presently he joined the UNHwRG to pursue his research interests while doing his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at University of New Haven to specialize on Communication. He likes to continue his education in the field of interest, by doing PhD Program.

In free time, he plays football, online games and has interest in photography & watching movie is his favorite pass time.


Jai Kiran Reddy

Jai Kiran Reddy received his bachelor degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering in 2010 from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in India. He then moved to the USA to pursue his Master’s degree in electrical engineering at the University of New Haven (UNH) to specialize on networking and wireless programs.

Jai Kiran believed that studying in UNH   will give him the right blend of good academics and exposure to the technology and also give him the cosmopolitan environment in UNH which in turn give him right exposure before pursuing his career in the area of his interest. He finds various topics in networking and especially wireless fields to be very interesting and currently an important area of research in UNH, so decided to pursue his studies and research at the UNH.

His research area is focused on the next generation of wireless network technologies with special interest in the Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning for WiMAX networks and 5th generation (5G) of wireless technologies.

Amin Mohammad Tawfiqul Islam

Amin Mohammad Tawfiqul Islam completed his Bachelor Degree in 2012 from Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET), which is one of the best ranked Universities in Bangladesh. Now, he is pursuing his masters’ degree in Electrical Engineering from University of New Haven (UNH). Before coming to UNH he worked as Junior Network Engineer in one of the leading ISP Companies of Bangladesh.

He is an award winner student in “Inter University Project Fair” 2011 for the project “Dual Band Antenna for SMR (Specialized Mobile Radio), iDEN(Integrated Digital Enhancement Network) and Mobile Satellite Communication”. During his undergraduate thesis, he conducted research in “Performance Analysis of OFDM system Using Maximum Likelihood Channel Estimation in Wireless Communication”. He has a great enthusiasm in wireless communication, telecommunication and computer networking, hence has started working in the UNHwRG to continue his studies in the next generation of wireless technologies. He is very eager to continue to do his PHD in the field of interest after finishing his master’s degree at UNH. At his free time he like cycling, travelling, listening to song and photography.


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    Dr. Amir Esmailpour is an assistant professor in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science. He started this group to help recruit talented and motivated engineers to the University of New Haven.
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