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About the Wireless Research Group

The UNHwRG is a research group under the supervision of Dr. Amir Esmailpour, within the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science (ECECS) at the University of New Haven, West Haven, CT. We, at the UNHwRG, conduct state-of-the-art research in different areas of wireless communication and wireless networking. 

Our general direction of research is mostly in various topics around wired and wireless networking, with special focus on Routing, Radio Resource Management (RRM), Quality of Service (QoS) Provisioning, and Performance Evaluation of communication networks, protocols and algorithms.  We have special interest in wireless technologies such as Wireless LAN (the IEEE 802.11 standard), WiMAX (the IEEE 802.16 standard), the 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE), and working towards the fourth generation (4G) of wireless mobile technologies.

We are performing analytical, experimental, and practical research studies in our laboratory facilities to investigate various open research topics, related issues and possible solutions in design and development of new technologies and protocols related to various wireless networks. We are constantly monitoring new activities in the industry as well as research community around the world in this area of research, exploring new ideas, and investigating existing issues. Our normal activities involve working on design and development of new solutions, experimenting, verifying, and testing them in simulation environment and publishing our results in reputable publications such as the IEEE conferences and journals.

The current interest of our research team is in RRM, QoS support, and Security for LTE and WiMAX technologies, both of which are designated by the ITU as potential contending 4G (the 4th Generation of Wireless technologies) networks. We are investigating existing and proposed solutions for RRM and QoS in LTE, and working towards design and development of solutions to improve the performance of these networks. Our proposed solutions are based on the 3GPP and the IEEE standards, and implementations are in Physical, MAC, and Application layers, as well as cross-layer design.

Although our current research focus is in the areas mentioned above, but we have been conducting research in the past and are open to good ideas in other wired and wireless research areas including but not limited to the following list.

  • 3GPP Long Term Evolution (3GPP LTE standard)
  • WiMAX Networks (the IEEE 802.16 standard)
  • Wireless Mesh Networks (the IEEE 802.11 standard)
  • Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (the IEEE 802.11 standard)
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Security issues in Wireless Mesh and WiMAX networks
  • Heterogeneous Wireless Data Networks
  • Mobile, Multi-hop, and Multi-path Wireless Networks
  • All-IP 4th Generation (4G) of Wireless Networks
  • Routing Protocols for 4G wireless technologies
  • Radio Resource Management and Quality of Service for 4G wireless technologies
  • Wireless Networks System Integration, such as combining  WLAN and WiMAX networks, or Ad-hoc with Cellular networks
  • TCP/IP Networking
  • Routing performance analysis, especially in OSPF and BGP
  • BGP fault analysis


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