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Computer Engineering Laboratory

University of New Haven Microprocessor LabLocation

The Digital/Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory is located in Room B203 of Buckman Hall.

Capabilities & Instrumentation

Our microprocessor courses currently based on the Motorolla 68000 unit are active in this room. Current PC systems running various software tools enable the student to compose, debug and implement coding on these devices.

Also supported in this room are our computer architecture and computer engineering courses where students learn to work with the PC bus and memory at the system level, including I/O operations.

In 2002 EE 475 Embedded Systems, Interfaces, and Buses was introduced an exciting course dealing with the Microcchip family of microcontrollers that explores Real World applications of measurement and control sysyems. This is the digital lab, used to some extent by all digital courses and VHDL courses. Current major tools include logic simulators (PC based) and logic analyzers (for testing hardware). Major design tools include Altera Quartus and Xilinx tools for FPGA hardware.

These tools allow the design and simulation of digital circuitry in software, where all problems can be debugged before committing the design to hardware. The lab is equipped to implement and verify all of these software designs in hardware. In recent years this has become our busiest laboratories.


This facility supports the following course titles:

  • Digital Systems I
  • Digital Systems Laboratory
  • Digital Systems II
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Architecture
  • Microprocessor Systems