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System, General, and Industrial Engineering Programs

Undergraduate Programs

System Engineering, B.S.

It is one of the most flexible and broad-based disciplines in engineering and provides balanced solutions to diverse and complex problems primarily related to product development and commercialization processes. Program


General Engineering, B.S.

A degree program designed for those interested in a career involving General Engineering knowledge without the prescribed requirements of a specific engineering discipline. Program


Graduate Programs

Industrial Engineering, M.S.

The MSIE program is intended to meet the needs of professionally employed engineers working in an environment where cost effectiveness, high productivity, and effective use of resources are crucial. It has been designed to give the student an advanced level of training beyond the baccalaureate, sufficient to prepare for a leadership role in industry. Program


The MSIE / MBA dual degree program combines the key elements of core business principles, advanced business knowledge, and selected industrial engineering courses covering fundamental concepts and principles, modeling, analysis and synthesis to prepare you for the challenges of the global economy. A special project or thesis in industrial engineering, preferably related to the candidate's job is required. 


Engineering and Operations Management, M.S.

Engineering and Operations Management (MSEOM) provides engineering and technical professionals with the knowledge and skills required to assume leadership positions in manufacturing and service organizations in a global market environment.  Program