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Lab And Facilities

The Industrial and System Engineering and Engineering Management Laboratory (ISE/EM Lab) is a multidisciplinary teaching and research facility that houses advanced industrial and system engineering software and equipment to support system analysis, modeling, development, optimization, and decision making studies.

The multiuse lab incorporates flexibility in room use. Prominent features include lecture, learning, practice, collaboration, and computing areas, reconfigurable desks and worktables, and Smart Classroom technology. The built-in smart classroom allows faculty to deliver integrated lecture and laboratory sessions providing students opportunity for experiential learning within the classroom.

Current software for the ISE/EM lab listed below provide students an arena to pursue broad research interests in manufacturing systems, modeling and simulation, statistical modeling and reliability, and optimization. Furthermore, equipment including 3D Printer and 3D Scanner are accessible to students for their class projects and as part of their research.

ISE/EM Laboratory Software

  • Probability and Statistics: Mintiab, SPSS, Mathematica, EXCEL-PHStat
  • Simulation: Arena, ProModel
  • Operations Research: LINDO/LINGO, EXCEL Solver, Dash Optimization XPRESS
  • System Design Principles: DOORS, Vitech CORE, Labview
  • Algorithms and Heuristics for Design: Visual Studio
  • Network Design: Dash Optimization XPRESS
  • Lifecycle Analysis and Design for Sustainability: Simpro LCA Software, GaBi Software
  • Engineering Economics: MS Excel
  • Decision Analysis: Palisade Decision Tools including @RISK, Crystal Ball
  • Project Planning and Management: MS Project
  • System Interdependencies: DOORS, Vitech CORE
  • Quality Analysis: Quality Companion 3 from Minitab, 3D Scanner & Coordinate
  • Prototyping: RapidWorks, Catalyst EX
  • Computer-Aided Design: AutoCAD, SolidWorks
  • Design for Environment and Disassembly: DFMA/DFE Software from Boothroyd-Dewhurst, Inc.

ISE/EM Laboratory Equipment

uPrint® 3D Printer

Rapid prototyping concepts and practice are an essential component of the product development cycle due to increased industry and customer demand for shorter development cycles. 3D printing equipment is available to most development groups in industry and being able to demonstrate competence and practice in this area is a skill that potential employers desire.

The uPrint® 3D Printer from Dimension in the ISE/EM lab provides our students an opportunity to be familiar with rapid prototyping methods and technologies, and acquire skills to examine form, fit, and function from every angle through the use of stereo lithographic 3D layering. The printer takes a 3-dimensional model drawn in any popular CAD software package, and prints parts by building one layer at a time.

NextEngine 3D Scanner 

Reverse engineering is brought to a whole new level when multiple optics arrays and dual three megapixel CMOS sensors pair with laser triangulation technology to capture models of 3D objects. Breakthrough electro-optical architecture and sophisticated new algorithms use an array of lasers to scan rotating 3D parts to create a clean surface output. This output can be quickly imported into SolidWorks as a mesh to produce functional parts. Among many applications of 3D scanners our students utilize the 3D data they collect from this scanner in their quality control, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping projects. 

Galileo AV300 3D Vision Measurement & Inspection System

The Galileo AV300 supports the ISE-EM lab by providing advanced part measurement capabilities. This equipment combines high-resolution images with software to give excellent accuracy for a wide range of measuring applications. The equipment is accessible to students for class projects and as part of research projects that may involve quality assurance, experimental design, and  product concept development.