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Becoming a leader in Experiential Education (ExEd) is one of the four strategic directions of the University and we are well on our way to realize that goal. Our students can participate in ExEd in one or more of the following pillars of ExEd as identified by the University Experiential Education team:

  1. Internship
  2. Academic Service Learning
  3. International / Field Study
  4. Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Research

The ExEd programs adhere to and operate on the principles of standard practice as set forth by the National Society of Experiential Education (NSEE). The University of New Haven is the Northeast affiliate site of the NSEE and we have the largest number of certified Experiential Education faculty in the country. 

The undergraduate students in the Tagliatela College of Engineering have traditionally participated in experiential learning in one form or another making them much sought after by the area employers.

Our students can participate in the internship program administered through the College of Engineering. The Internship program enables students to combine academics with practical, paid work experiences in their chosen career fields. For further information or to sign up for an internship assignment contact the Coordinator:

            Dr. M. Ali Montazer
            Associate Dean of Engineering
            329B Buckman Hall (inner office)
            Tel. (203) 932-7437, or -7050
            Fax: (203) 932-7394


We have working relationships with numerous corporations in Connecticut and beyond who seek to hire our students as paid interns. The internship program has worked very well for the students in getting them readier for the fulltime job of their choice.

The students who wish to pursue Academic Service Learning should contact the program coordinator:

           Dr. Ismail Orabi
           Professor of Mechanical Engineering
           223 A Buckman Hall
           Tel: (203) 932-7148

The students who wish to participate in international / Field Study should contact the program coordinator:

           Dr. Christie Montgomery-Boronico
           Assistant Provost for Experiential Education
           205 Kaplan Hall
           Tel: (203) 932-7236

The students who wish to participate in the Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Research should contact the program coordinator:

           Dr. Pauline Schwartz
           Associate Professor of Biochemistry
           301 Buackman Hall
           Tel: (203) 932-7404