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UNH-ESUMS Program Oversight Board

The UNH-ESUMS Partnership Program Oversight Board

The UNH-ESUMS Partnership Program Oversight Board (initially established in January 2012 as the ESUMS Task Force) brings together faculty and administrators from UNH and ESUMS and a parent to provide oversight of the partnership. The board is co-chaired by the ESUMS Coordinator at UNH (presently Tiffany Hesser) and the ESUMS Principal (presently Medria Blue-Ellis) and in addition includes the following representatives from both institutions:

a) The Dean of the Tagliatela College of Engineering at UNH (or designee);

 b) The Dean of the College of Arts & Science at UNH (or designee);

c) Three faculty members from UNH­—one from the Tagliatela College of Engineering, one from the College of Arts & Science, and the Science Coordinator from the Department of Education;

 d) The ESUMS Magnet Resource Teacher;

e) One senior faculty member from ESUMS;

f) Two members of the BOE Executive Staff appointed by the Superintendent of Schools; and

g)  One parent appointed by the Superintendent of Schools.  

The task force will meet several times each year to discuss programs and activities planned throughout the years at both institutions.

For more information on the board or partnership, contact Tiffany Hesser, the UNH ESUMS Coordinator at or 203-931-2982.