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Online Job Advertisements

By online job advertisements, we are referring to job ads that are posted on, CareerBuilder, and the like.

While a part of the job search, it has been routinely proven that job ads are the least effective way to find work.

The reason is simple – advertised jobs make up only 15%of available job; yet they have the most competition since they are widely advertised. So, by limiting your job search to online advertisements, you are competing with a higher number of job seekers for a smaller amount of jobs. Your time is much better spent networking, contacting organizations, and working with recruiters/staffing agencies.

Now, job ads are open jobs. You should search them and you should apply to them. However, it should be only a part of your overall job search.

Here are a list of sites you can use in your job search – but remember… you should spend the majority of your time on the other three aspects and use these sites in addition to your full search.