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Learning Opportunities

How can I find challenge myself with learning opportunities?

  • Try going outside you comfort zone! Try something new! For example if you are studying Criminal Justice try taking a sociology or a psychology class! It will be different but you may be surprised how much they relate.
  • Get an internship! Not sure how? Visit the career development center in Bartels student activity center, they will be happy to get you started.
  • Talk to you advisor. Ask them about opportunities they believe may challenge you.
  • Get involved in Research. Did you know many of you professors are published researchers? Do you have a class that you love and wish it wouldn’t end? Than talk to you professor in that class and ask them if they are doing research and if they would like a free assistant for their research, express your interest in their area of study and you will be surprised how many professors would like your assistance! (Also it is a great way to develop a relationship with a professor and get a letter of recommendation if you are thinking about graduate school.
  • Join an educational club or organization