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Professional Enrichment Program

The College of Business provides academic programs that deliver both classroom and hands-on learning experiences through the Professional Enrichment Program (PEP).

As Adam Small, composer, producer and instrumentalist once said, "Networking is the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any individual or organization." The Professional Enrichment Program (PEP) operates as a catalyst to ensure the students meet and interact with great people to include in their network and expand their sphere of influence. Networking, in its various forms, gives business students an advantage in the job hunt. By using connections and networks, they are able to differentiate their names from the thousands of other online applications. Employers are quick to rely on networks because they save time and they are more reliable than resumes.

The college holds seminars and forums which deal with real-world issues and situations that happen outside of the classroom. The speakers interact with the student body and give those that go to the events a chance to network with industry professionals. These networking opportunities could lead to internships that help put students on a successful career path. In fact, the College of Business has found PEP seminars to be so valuable, attendance is a graduation requirement!

All the events listed within the PEP Calendar are approved for PEP credit! 

  1. Learning Resources

    In the Center for Learning Resources (CLR), students can find academic support with writing assignments and presentations, ESL, and most freshman and sophomore-level courses in math, science, and business. Some upper-level undergraduate assistance is provided as well, but graduate-level support is predominantly restricted to the Writing and Computer Labs and does not typically cover class-based content. However, there are graduate peer tutors on staff for select subjects, and they do cover some class-based content. The Peer Tutoring Program consists of about 25 tutors based in satellite locations throughout the campus and generally offer help with major-specific classes for undergraduate and select graduate programs. We provide free tutoring and writing skills assistance to help students with good grades who want to do even better as well as those who are struggling and want to improve.

  2. Past Events