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One of my University of New Haven professors opened the doors for an internship last summer at Marcum. They liked me so much, they hired me!

- Amanda Fletcher


You're in Business

At the University of New Haven, you get on-the-job training long before you land your first job. Call it an internship, practicum, or work-study, it’s one of the greatest things you can do while you’re at the University of New Haven. You’re giving yourself a head start on developing the management skills and acumen that are the key to going places in the business world.

We match your chosen discipline with the company — and we have a solid network of employers in all areas of industry, social service, non-profit, and government. Want a real deal-closer? Surveys show that students who participate in internships were 48% more likely to be offered a position than those who had part-time jobs not sponsored by the University.


She's Crunching Some Really Big Numbers

After interning at Marcum LLP, one of the top fifteen accounting firms in the country, Amanda Fletcher was offered a permanent position there as an auditor. Pretty Sweet!


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