Hands-On Learning

hands on
When I decided to leave my home and travel half-way around the world to the University of New Haven, I never thought that I would be working on a real American client's business as part of my learning experience.

– Ahamed Chowdhury


Do it yourself

In the classroom, you’re a sponge — soaking up as much as you can, processing the info, and committing it to the file folder of your mind. But at the University of New Haven, you don’t store that file folder away for future reference. You access it immediately so that everything you just learned can be put into practice while it’s still fresh.

You go from sponge to action figure in the blink of an eye. That’s you, interning at Sikorsky and building a network of contacts as you develop professional poise. Or, competing in our Corporate Challenge by working on a project developed by a local business. There you are, again, stretching your budding business wings in practicums and student/faculty research that culminates in a presentation at a national conference.

“Just do it,” the Nike ads say. Here at the University of New Haven, we say it, too.


Ahamed Chowdhury did it!

Ahamed and the rest of his class rolled out an awesome social media marketing campaign, "The Ugly Sofa Contest," for a regional furniture company. Its hip, quirky approach tapped a younger market.

Once you choose the College of Business at the University of New Haven, you'll do it too.


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