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MBA/MPA Required Courses

Business Core Courses (waivable)*
A 620 Financial Accounting for Managers
EC 601 Macroeconomics and Microeconomics
FI 601 Financial Management
MG 637 Management Process
MK 609 Marketing
QA 604 Probability and Statistics
Advanced Business Courses (not waivable)
A 621 Managerial Accounting
FI 602 Corporate Valuation and Strategy
IB 644 Managing in Global Markets
MG 645 Management of Human Resources
EC 629 Business and Society
MG 669 Strategic Management
Business Electives (three courses)
Public Administration Courses
PA 601 Principles of Public Administration
PA 602 Public Policy Formulation and Implementation
PA 604 Communities and Social Change
PA 611 Research Methods in Public Administration
PA 620 Personnel Administration and Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector
PA 625 Administrative Behavior
PA 632 Public Finance and Budgeting
PA 690 Research Seminar
Public Administration Electives
(two courses)


Graduate Catalog


Total credits: 75
*Up to five of the six Business Core Courses (not more than 15 credits) may be waived by students who meet the waiver guidelines established for these courses within the MBA program; see MBA program for information.