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New Student Information

Welcome to the MSHA program at the University of New Haven. Congratulations on your acceptance to the program and on the start of your next phase of your professional development and career path! 

Found on the left hand side of this page are links to pages for each of our program formats and locations. Each page is tailored to your specific program location and format so please only review the materials for your program. Each video summarizes what you need to know regarding advising and course registration for your first semester in the MSHA program. Click on the links on the left to find your program specific information.

If you are not sure which program location you will be attending, please contact your Program Director, Dr. Summer McGee at as soon as possible. She can advise you as to which location is best for your needs and career goals. 


CURRICULUM: A total of 36 graduate credits are required for completion of the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration. The program consists of 9 required courses (27 credits) plus 3 courses (9 credits) that may be taken as unrestricted electives or in a “focus area.”

FOCUS AREAS: The program has 4 “focus areas” from which you may choose: Health Informatics and Data Analytics (HI), Population Health Management and Public Health (PH), Leadership and Ethics (LE), and Health Policy and Finance (HPF).  You may choose a focus area but you do not have to.  Students should not decide on a focus area until they have consulted with Dr. McGee and completed their required courses.

COURSE FORMAT and LENGTH: Courses are offered in multiple formats in the day program: onsite, online, and hybrid (a mix of online and in class evening sessions).  Our courses are offered either in 15-week (full semester) format or in 7.5-week mini-term (MT) format in either an MT1 or a MT2 session.  You will need to check carefully to confirm whether your class lasts for the entire semester or is only in MT1 or MT2 of the semester.