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EMBA Curriculum

Our curriculum contains six integrative modules that, together, reflect the comprehensive spectrum of a successful business enterprise.

The Executive M.B.A is a 56-unit curriculum that provides a complete framework for the strategic management of an organization. The central theme of this program is "strategic leadership in a collaborative and integrated learning environment." Designed for the experienced practitioner and planned around small-group seminar sessions, this program helps to provide the cognitive knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the following objectives:

  • Manage and motivate others in increasingly complex and dynamic environments.
  • Access, organize, and assess important management information.
  • Identify and forecast trends and changes in industries and markets, both domestically and internationally.
  • Develop functionally integrated business and organizational plans in pursuit of strategic goals.
  • Make strategic decisions, operationalize strategic plans, and provide strategic leadership. 

Curriculum Modules

Module I       

Viability: Building the Foundation 
Learn the fundamentals of what drives a successful organization from finance and marketing to leadership and strategy.

Module II

Cultural Transformation: Building the Team 
Gain strategies for maintaining talent, managing conflict, fostering leadership and teamwork, and increasing productivity.

Module III

Marketing Management: Connecting to the Customer 
Explore key marketing tactics and strategies to connect with your customer and grow market share.

Module IV

Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Connecting to the World 
Address the emerging global standards of corporate behavior and social responsibility. Participate in the Washington D.C. or International Seminar.

Module V

Measurement: Advancing Shareholder Value 
Understand the metrics, such as financial statements and cash flow analysis, behind a company's valuation.

Module VI

Leadership: Advancing Company Value 
Experience the process of leading and executing strategies that are critical for an organization's long-term viability.

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