Working in sports is a dream of many and experience is one of the keys in getting a job in the industry. We, as the sport management department, understand the importance of gaining experience while still in school. In order to help our students gain industry experience and develop a network, we provide an experientially-based professional education.

Our experiential education efforts include guest speakers, panel discussions, field trips, facility tours, volunteer opportunities, internships, faculty-student collaborative research, hands-on course projects, service learning experiences, and more. In this page you will find examples of our experiential education efforts.



Panel Discussions

Each year we organize a panel discussion on a current topic in sport industry. Students learn more in depth information on the topic from the experts in the field, including executives at some of the largest sports organizations in the world.


Executive in Residence Program

The purpose of this program is to bring industry leaders into the classroom and to keep faculty on the cutting edge of sport management practice. A distinguished list of sports executives have taught at the University over the years as part of the program. Click here for more information.



As a student in the program you’ll receive specialized training in areas such as sport marketing, finance, facility management, and event management — which are integrated into the program through the comprehensive  200-hour internship requirement. Click here for more information.

In Charge

Volunteer Opportunities

Students gain experience through volunteer opportunities with sport organizations from the surrounding areas. Usually, students help to run and  execute the events.

Hands On

Hands-On Projects

Courses within the sport management program always carry some practical approach. Students frequently work on hands-on projects and implement the information they learn into real life situations.


Faculty-Student Research

Faculty-student collaborative research is the hallmark of the sport management degree program for over 30 years. Students always have the opportunity to be involved in research with faculty.


Mentorship Program

Students are paired up with industry professionals who share their future interests. Students meet with their mentor, and are given the opportunity to learn from the wisdom and experience of their mentor.


Field Trips and Facility Tours

Facility management and event management are two functional areas in sport management. Facility tours and field trips afford our students opportunities to observe professionals in action and learn at site.


Guest Speakers and Pep Events

We bring many guest speakers to campus in each academic year. In 2014, we hosted 70 professionals from sport industry on campus to share their knowledge and experience with our students.