Brittany DiDonato ’15 Student Spotlight

 Brittany DiDonato ’15 - College of Business

How would you describe your transition from High School?

My transition from high school to college was surprisingly easy! I was terrified about starting college in the months before I moved into the University of New Haven. Was I going to make friends? Will my roommates and I get along? Will I like my major and be able to keep up with all the work?

But from the second I stepped onto campus for Orientation and again on Move In Day, I knew I was going to be okay. One of the things that really helped with my transition was the University of New Haven administered social network that allowed me to get to know some of my classmates before even setting foot on campus! Through this resource I was able to get to know my roommate and even met up with her so that we could hang out before moving in!

Also, every faculty member and administrator at the school is genuinely friendly and helpful — from the Admissions Counselors to the College of Business Faculty to the Staff at the First Year Success Center.

And, with more than 150 different clubs and organizations on campus, you’re never bored here. I found it really easy to find a group and an activity that I clicked with. It’s always a good feeling to be a part of something, and that definitely helped me adjust.

What do you think the University of New Haven greatest feature is?

I think that the greatest feature that the University of New Haven has is how focused everyone is on the success of the students. The faculty and advisors within the College of Business are all extremely dedicated to helping their students.

Before I even moved onto campus, my advisor was sending us emails welcoming the incoming class to the program and sending us job and internship opportunities! From the second you are enrolled in the program, the faculty is behind you one hundred and ten percent. In addition to interacting with my own advisors, I also had the opportunity to work with faculty in every department within the College of Business during Summer Orientation.

I have found that every staff member here at the University of New Haven is a dedicated mentor within his or her field. They are also easy to talk to and relate to. You aren’t just a number in a classroom at this school. You’re a face and a name, and your professors and advisors take the time to get to know you as an individual. All the professors offer office hours during the week and make it very easy to contact them.

Do you have any future plans?

As for my plans after college, I’ve had thoughts on what kind of career I’d like to ultimately pursue, but I find that those thoughts are always changing. The experiences I’ve had at the University of New Haven within my first year alone have opened so many doors within my major that I didn’t even know existed! I know that I want to stick with my concentration and go into the field of Event Management, but there are so many branches of the field that I’m excited about exploring that I don’t want to limit myself to just one! So, as of now, I’m just trying different things and keeping an open mind!

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