How long does it take to complete your program, on average?

There is no specific time to complete the degree because every student’s needs are different. Every student in the program receives an individualized degree plan that allows the student to graduate when they want.

The fastest time to degree completion is 12 months, if you take 4 courses per semester including the summer semester. Most students will take 3 courses per semester which means the program will take between 18-24 months (depending on whether students take courses over the summer).

The degree must be completed within a total of 5 years, per University policy.

How often are courses offered?

Our program is offered on a semester system, so we have course offerings each Fall, Spring and Summer. All of our required courses are offered at least once per year.

Who will my classmates be?

Our student population is highly diverse in terms of age, race/ethnicity, nationality, and healthcare experience. Some of our students have just completed their bachelors degree while others have worked. Some of our students have lived in Connecticut their entire lives while others move from other states or even other countries to complete the program.