Bergami Learning Center for Finance and Technology

The LCFT has our financial databases, news and analytical programs. The computers have double monitors for multiple simultaneous displays.

The central idea of the LCFT is to provide students with a broad range of data sets and tools that they will use both within and outside of courses. These tools are used in industry and becoming familiar with their usefulness is a key feature of our programs.

Daily Market Overview: market data can be downloaded and exported to other programs such as MS Excel, Word or Power Point.

Stock Data: daily, weekly, monthly and other interval data on stock price, returns, trading volumes and other data are available from CRSP (Center for Research on Security Prices) from 1926.  Bid and ask quotations are available from Thomson Reuters Eikon.  Other sources include Morningstar Direct, Research Insight, Bloomberg, and Datastream.

Bond Data: available in Thomson Reuters Eikon, Datastream, Bloomberg, and Morningstar Direct.  Items include issuer characteristics, security features such as maturity, yield, price, ratings, covenants and others. 

Company Financial Data: annual and quarterly financial data are from Research Insight (North America and Global), Edgar-Pro (with complete SEC filings), Datastream, Morningstar Direct, Thomson Reuters Eikon, Bloomberg, and Value Line.  All databases allow filtering.  Morningstar Direct allows for peer comparison and industry average ratios.

Forecasts: earnings forecast and expectations, analyst opinions, and analyst forecast revisions are available in Thomson Reuters Eikon.

Executive Compensation: board structure, board members, key executives and their compensations are from Morningstar Direct and Thomson Reuters Eikon.

Economic Data: general economic conditions, such as stock market indices, GDP growth, interest rates, inflation rates, foreign exchange, and commodities are available for different countries in Thomson Reuters Eikon, Datastream, Bloomberg, and Morningstar Direct.

Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds: performance for mutual funds, exchange traded funds, country funds and hedge funds are from Thomson Reuters and Morningstar Direct. 

Trading System Interface with Bloomberg: the Bloomberg system is the most comprehensive system spanning a large number of data systems, including commodities, derivatives, and other securities. 

Statistical software: MATLAB, Oracle Crystal Ball, SPSS, SAS, Eviews, and Stata.