When you enter the EMBA program at the University of New Haven, you immediately become part of a close-knit and powerful network that will become one of your best allies in your rise to the top.

First, you will be going through the program with peers who, like yourself, have their feet set firmly on the path leading to the C-Suite. As you share insights and benefit from each other’s experiences, you will be creating anew network — in person — that will provide you with valuable contacts in the years to come.

No Internet-based networking tool can match a network created this way — one that’s built on shared experiences as peers move through a program together. These relationships will endure throughout your working life and even afterward,opening doors to career moves, referrals, and new ideas.

In addition to the network of peers that you create, the University of New Haven delivers to you an impressive network of alumni. In fact, we have the largest Executive MBA alumni body in Connecticut, giving our students an unusual wealth of networking opportunities and potential for career advancement. Our alumni live throughout the U.S. and in exciting places all over the world, working in a broad spectrum of corporations and government organizations.

Want us to play a more active role in making those important connections for you? Our dedicated Career Development Center provides support for those looking to take the next step in their career as well as those looking for qualified professionals for their organization.

Executive MBA Class Profile

The average age of our Executive MBA students is 39, with an age range of 25 to 59 years.

Students have been working in their careers for an average of 15.2 years.

On average, students have 8.5 years of management experience.

Two-thirds of students have earned undergraduate degrees in non-business disciplines.

Approximately 15 percent have advanced degrees, 33 percent are female, and 32 percent are minority group members.

Executive MBA Alumni, Faculty and Students


Cathy Bradley

“I had a deep economic background, but my Executive M.B.A. program expanded my view. I learned how to build and run a business." Read more about Cathy Bradley, Executive M.B.A. '84, and owner of CB-Enterprises.

Anthony Christie

Anthony Christie

High-tech leader believes that people are most "critical system." Read more on Anthony Christie, Executive M.B.A. '91 and Executive Vice President & Chief Technology & Information Officer of Global Crossing Incorporated.

Richard J. Coffey

Richard J. Coffey

Developing strategic global alliances. Read more on Richard J. Coffey, Executive M.B.A. '96 and Founder of KTT Enterprises.



Michael Driscoll

“How do you get to be president of a company? By being in the presence of presidents or future presidents of companies,” said Driscoll. “You have to start thinking in those terms. And this program ties it all together.” Read more about Michael Driscoll, Executive M.B.A. '87, and Chairman of Winchester Electronics.


Jay Krishnamoorthy

“The University of New Haven has 30 years of experience in executive education. And nothing speaks like experience.” Read more about Jay Krishnamoorthy, Executive M.B.A. '06, and General Manager of Pexagon Technology.

William J. Mallin


Using knowledge and opportunity to help save lives. Read more on William J. Mallin, Executive M.B.A. '98 and Vice President for Strategic Planning and Program Management of Purdue Pharma L.P.




The Billion Dollar Savings Man. Read more about Shelley Stewart Jr., Executive M.B.A. '90 and Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence & Chief Procurement Officer of Tyco International.

Janice Sussman


Bard, Business Entrepreneur, and Ballroom Aficionado. Read more on Janice Sussman, Executive M.B.A. '83, and President of Dance Writers Associates.


Armando Rodriguez

“We built our curriculum on a foundation of multidisciplinary and integrative problem solving.” Read about Armando Rodriguez, Associate Professor in the Department of Economics.



Michael Davis

“As a faculty member, I truly love helping our students make the transformational shift from great managers to great leaders." Read more about Michael Davis, M.B.A. '86, Vice President, Taxes Nestlé USA, and Practitioner in Residence.


Thomas Giordano

"I think what University of New Haven students want most is a pragmatic view of the world from people who have served in a leadership capacity." Read more about Thomas Giordano, Former President of Sectra North America, Former VP, Marketing of Philips Healthcare, and Executive in Residence.


Samuel S. Bergami Jr.

When it comes to outstanding success stories, Sam Bergami's is at the top of the list. A 1985 graduate of the University's EMBA program, Bergami is CEO and co-owner of Alinabal Holdings, Inc., where he started as a tool and die apprentice and worked his way up the corporate ladder.