Benefit from Personalized Executive Coaching

Sometimes a career hits a wall, and it has nothing to do with a lack of skills or experience, impressive as they may be. The obstacle may even be something the individual is unaware of — a result of being too close to the situation to see things from an objective point of view.

This is when executive coaching can make a huge difference, unblocking a career path and restoring momentum.

Recognizing the power of executive coaching, the University of New Haven has made it an integral part of its EMBA program. We assign a personal executive coach, with years of experience in the upper echelons of the corporate world, to each of our students.

I tell my students that they will see a change, and the people around them will see a change.

- Michael Davis, VP, Nestle

DavisAn executive coach fills a critical need for many busy executives — that is, the need for a thought partner and a sounding board. In this role, the coach will provide objective and sustained feedback, generally focusing on three areas of the executive’s work life: the intrapersonal, which includes the development of the individual’s skill level and knowledge; the interpersonal, which covers, among other things, the development of management and leadership skills as well as how to reduce conflict with other executives; and the organizational, encompassing such issues as the removal of obstacles that hamper implementation of strategic initiatives and goals.

Each student, of course, brings a unique set of career challenges. Executive Coach Thomas Giordano notes, “One student may have difficulty transitioning from an engineering career to a more business-oriented career. Another may be suffering from mediocre personnel reviews. Another may be having difficulties working with certain people or certain bosses. Or a hundred other scenarios. Each student’s coaching is very unique and very personal. That is what makes the University of New Haven Executive Coaching program so powerful.”

Executive Coach Michael Davis adds, “I truly love helping our students make the transformational shift from great managers to great leaders. Many of them come into the program as subject experts in their specific disciplines and are seeking guidance and assistance in making a quantum leap to add leadership to their career skills sets."