About the College of Business


Business is at the heart of everything that happens.

It's what drives the economy, and, if you're thinking about majoring in business, it's what's driving you too.  At the University of New Haven, we recognize the unique facets that the business world has to offer and actively involve you, not just in the classroom but, with real-world experience.  That way, by the time you leave - you're already vigorously involved with the world of business.

From Chief Marketing Officers of global companies to high ranking professionals with major sports teams, our alumni are true leaders in the global business world.

Start by reading our "Reasons to Choose the College of Business at the University of New Haven" section to see why we're a good fit for your educational and professional goals.

You'll soon see there are many reasons that the University of New Haven is a great place to propel you on your journey to success.  We help you, not just by sitting you down in a chair in class, but also by getting you up, out of that chair, and actively involved with the world of business long before you graduate.  It’s a more stimulating way to learn. It’s a more memorable way to learn. And, bottom line, it’s a more successful way to learn.  

It's called Experiential Learning, and it's deeply ingrained in our culture here at University of New Haven and in our College of Business.  Explore more about how the University of New Haven is making experiential learning work for our students in the University's International and Experiential Learning section.